Commander Night in Akihabara @Hareruya (Japan)

Commander Night in Akihabara @Hareruya (Japan) Information

MTG Commander
12 Players

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Commander Night in Akihabara @Hareruya (Japan) Decks

Rank Deck Price
Other Tymna the Weaver
by goshima akito
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Other Riku of Two Reflecti...
by noie kenji
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Other Rograkh, Son of Rohg...
by yoshida yuuto
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Tournament Archetypes breakdown


Tournament Most Played Cards

# Card Name Price Image
1st Command Tower $0.39
2nd Scalding Tarn $37.99
3rd Mystic Remora $13.99
4th Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh $0.29
5th Exotic Orchard $0.35
6th City of Brass $23.99
7th Bloodstained Mire $47.99
8th Arid Mesa $20.99
9th Dockside Extortionist $89.99
10th Ancient Tomb $64.99