Kykar, Wind's Fury Commander

We have collected the top Kykar, Wind's Fury Commander decks from the latest tournaments. The current price average is around 425$.

Kykar, Wind's Fury Commander decklists

Rank Name Date
2nd   8 Players Kykar
By Thomas Bagdadlian  MTG Wednesday DC cup @ Aubagne (France).
Top4   23 Players Kykar, Wind's Fury
By Robert Klouček  MTG DC HK- Autumn @
Top4   49 Players Kykar,wind's Fury
By Bagdadlian Thomas "goldrunner"  MTG Tournoi des Trolls #2 @ Pierrelatte (France).
2nd   14 Players Kykar, Wind's Fury
By Federico Olucha Navarro "federo"  MTG Liga @ Dicewars (Castellón, Spain).
1st   15 Players Kykar, Wind's Fury
By Mesheriakov Maxim  MTG Commander Daily Volgograd @ Volgo Games.

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