Merieke Ri Berit Commander

We have collected the top Merieke Ri Berit Commander decks from the latest tournaments. The current price average is around 1325$.

Merieke Ri Berit Commander decklists

Rank Name Date
2nd   8 Players Merieke Ri Berit
By Ron Nel  MTG Saturday Dunkin Donut Duel 3D @ Eastwood (Philippines).
1st   29 Players Merieke Ri Berit
By Nicolas Pastural  MTG Clash of commander #5 Libourne .
2nd   22 Players Merieke - Reanimator
By Chris J. Williams  MTG The Collectors Zone FNM.
2nd   28 Players Merieke Ri Berit
By "LeZard"  MTG Clash of Commander (Libourne).

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