MTGO Commander Constructed League

MTGO Commander Constructed League Information

Name:  MTGO Commander Constructed League
Date:  2017-08-11
Source:  mtgo
Format: MTG Commander
Unknow Players

MTGO Commander Constructed League Decks

1st (5-0) UWR - Jeskai - Ameri...
by fluffypingo
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1st (5-0) Tasigur, the Golden ...
by sti
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1st (5-0) BUG - Sultai
by ocean0
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1st (5-0) 4 Colors
by puppypuncher
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1st (5-0) Mono Blue
by adun
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Tournament Most Played Cards

# Card Name Price Image
1st Gitaxian Probe $1.78
2nd Remand $5.18
3rd Jace, the Mind Sculptor $9.18
4th Scalding Tarn $68.4
5th Command Tower $1.08
6th Cavern of Souls $56.48
7th Cryptic Command $22.83
8th Counterspell $0.05
9th Misty Rainforest $34
10th Fact or Fiction $0.02


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