Weekly commmander @ Jeuxjubes

Weekly commmander @ Jeuxjubes Information

MTG Commander
8 Players
 2016-06-08 mtgtop8.net

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Weekly commmander @ Jeuxjubes Decks

Rank Deck Price
1st Marath, Will of the ...
by olivier labelle
Banned Cards
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Tournament Archetypes breakdown

Marath, Will of the Wild

Tournament Most Played Cards

# Card Name Price Image
1st Lotus Cobra $2.99
2nd Zealous Conscripts $0.99
3rd Ajani Vengeant $6.49
4th Garruk Wildspeaker $7.99
5th Garruk, Caller of Beasts $12.99
6th Nissa, Worldwaker $5.99
7th Xenagos, the Reveler $5.99
8th Basilisk Collar $4.99
9th Birthing Pod $19.99
10th Titania, Protector of Argoth $4.49


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