BoM Strasbourg 2016 - Friday

BoM Strasbourg 2016 - Friday Information

MTG Duel-Commander
12 Players

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BoM Strasbourg 2016 - Friday Decks

Rank Deck Price
1st Animar, Soul of Elem...
by sergey "loxmatii" lamzin
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1st Grenzo, Dungeon Ward...
by aristide blanpier
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2nd Kytheon, Hero of Akr...
by "asimov"
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Tournament Archetype breakdown


Tournament Most Played Cards

# Card Name Price Image
1st Skullclamp $6.49
2nd Cavern of Souls $49.99
3rd Command Tower $0.49
4th Phyrexian Revoker $0.49
5th Mox Diamond $699.99
6th Wasteland $19.99
7th Tectonic Edge $0.39
8th Lotus Petal $9.49
9th Solemn Simulacrum $1.49
10th Grenzo, Dungeon Warden $0.39