Grand Prix Chiba 2016 - サンデーフロンティア decks

Decks from the tournament

1st Rally Combo
by ishiwata kouichi
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Tournament Most Played Cards

1st Canopy Vista $1.82
2nd Zulaport Cutthroat $0.51
3rd Collected Company $15.59
4th Dig Through Time $1.85
5th Rally the Ancestors $0.8
6th Anafenza, the Foremost $3
7th Blessed Alliance $1.92
8th Dispel $0.18
9th Murderous Cut $0.26
10th Natural State $0.18

Tournament information

Name:  Grand Prix Chiba 2016 - サンデーフロンティア
Format:  Frontier
Date:  2016-11-27
Players:  33

Tournament Archetypes breakdown

Rally Combo

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