Top Jeskai CopyCat Decks.

We have collected the top Jeskai CopyCat Frontier decks from the latest tournaments. (Jeskai CopyCat is also known as Jeskai Saheeli Cat , Jeskai Copycat or Saheeli Combo). It current price is around 282$.

Frontier Jeskai CopyCat decklists

Rank Name Date
Top8   87 Players Saheeli Combo
By Nishihara Hiroki  MTG 第9期フロンティア神挑戦者決定戦 - Top8....
1st   23 Players Jeskai Saheeli Cat ...
By max09  MTG Magic-League Frontier Master.
1st   16 Players Jeskai CopyCat
By Wrinkle22  MTG Magic-League Frontier.
1st   9 Players Jeskai Copycat
By Wrinkle22  MTG Magic-League Frontier Trial.
1st   9 Players Jeskai CopyCat
By JetBlack  MTG Magic-League Frontier Trial.

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