Top BRW - Mardu Decks.

We have collected the top BRW - Mardu Highlander decks from the latest tournaments. (BRW - Mardu is also known as Mardu Midrange, mardu aristocrats or Kaalia Bringer Of The Massacre). It current price is around 740$.

Highlander BRW - Mardu decklists

Rank Name Date
1st   8 Players Mardu Midrange
By Tim L  MTG Alte Kaserne Winterthur.
Top32   22 Players mardu aristocrats
By Timi M  MTG Maracon highlander tournament.
Top8   52 Players BRW - Mardu
By Paul W.  MTG Metagame Masters #8 Berlin.
Top8   39 Players Mardu Control
By Philip Redl  MTG The One - Winter Qualifier.
1st   6 Players Mardu Midrange
By Luca D.  MTG Berlin FNM.
1st   Unknow Players Mardu Midrange
By Luca D.  MTG FNM.
1st   29 Players Kaalia of the Vast
By Florent Dubrana  MTG Aquilon's War 1 : Trial DTC#7.
Top8   11 Players Mardu Aggro
By Dion Sabel  MTG Berlin (FNM).
Top4   5 Players Kaalia Bringer Of Th...
By 3drinks  MTG Collector's Heaven Lakeside VA - KOTH.

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