MTG Historic decklists

All the current historic decklist from our database sorted by archetype, event, player and colors.

Rank Name Arch. Date
1st   Gruul Aggro
By Craig Shaun Garces 
Gruul Aggro 29-Apr
1st   Boros Aggro
Lurrus of the Dream Den
By Chris Boehm 
Jeskai Cycling 17-Jun
1st   Mono-B Devotion
By Andreas Bergqvist 
Mono Black Aggro 05-Jun
1st   Abzan Combo
By Eadan Yardeni 
Gruul Aggro 30-May
1st   Mono-U Tempo
By Harry Cook 
Mono Blue 25-Jun
Banned Cards
Five-color Golos
By Boris Pan 
Yarok Midramp 22-Apr
Banned Cards
Naya Winota
Umori, the Collector
By Zach G 
Naya Winota 23-May
1st   Bant Nexus
By Victoria McCoy 
Bant Reclamation 02-Jul
1st   Sultai Tokens
By Guilherme Mendes 
1st   Gruul Aggro
By Gjorgje Ivanov 
Gruul Aggro 03-Jul
1st   Mono-W Aggro
By Ray-Ann Santos 
White Weenie 18-Apr
1st   Mono-U Tempo
By Jakub Puzio 
Mono Blue 14-Jun
1st   Mono-B Control
Gyruda, Doom of Depths
By Quon 
1st   Mono-U Aggro
By Roy Varney 
Mono Blue 13-Jun
1st   Mono-W Affinity
By Saturi 
Artifacts Aggro 06-Jun
1st   Orzhov Midrange
By Pedro Olazabal 
1st   Jund Sacrifice
By Ricardo Ribeiro 
1st   Mono-U Tempo
By Julio Bejarano 
Mono Blue 20-May
1st   Esper Control
By Rodrigo Olivares 
Esper Control 07-Apr
1st   Mono-B Devotion
By Daniel Crabtree 
Mono Black Aggro 27-Jun

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