MTG Historic decklists

All the current historic decklist from our database sorted by archetype, event, player and colors.

Rank Name Arch. Date
Top16   Bant Ramp
By Evgeny Davydkin 
Bant Ramp 27-Jun
Top16   Mono-U Tempo
By Bruno Azevedo 
Mono Blue 27-Jun
Top32   Azorius Control
By H. C. 
Azorius Control 27-Jun
Top32   Abzan Land Destruction
By Elmir Murtazin 
Mono Blue 27-Jun
Top32   Mono-R Aggro
By Felipe Pardini 
Red Deck Wins 27-Jun
Top32   Gruul Aggro
By Shawn Montgomery 
Gruul Aggro 27-Jun
Top32   Rakdos Sacrifice
By Noé Alessandro Rivera Carvallo... 
Rakdos Sacrifice 27-Jun
Top32   Simic Ramp
By Victoria McCoy 
Simic Ramp 27-Jun
Top32   Simic Nexus
By Azu Cat 
Temur Reclamation 27-Jun
Top32   Dinosaurs
By Olivier Clerc 
Dinosaurs 27-Jun
Top32   Mono-U Tempo
By Raffaele Lo Moro 
Mono Blue 27-Jun
Other   Torgaar Combo
By IiI_Nazgul_IiI 
Other   Ugin's Playboy Mansion
By striderstone 
Other   Historic Shrines
By MochaBread45068 
Other   Face Lemonade
By striderstone 
Other   Fall of Tormod (Land Destructi...
By striderstone 
Other   Izzet Phoenix
By Haythem 
Izzet Phoenix 26-Jun
Other   Grixis Monstrosity
By WildEvilDoink 
Other   Liliana tribal
By ArchFrost 
Other   Simic Enchantments
By MochaBread45068 
Simic Enchantments 26-Jun

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