MTG Historic decklists

All the current historic decklist from our database sorted by archetype, event, player and colors.

Rank Name Arch. Date
Top16   Izzet Aggro
By Sergio Cordovez 
Counter Burn 06-Apr
Other   HIS_Artisan_GruulGoblins
By KDBarnum 
Other   Artisan Historic Drakes
By Aegisworn 
Counter Burn 30-Mar
Other   GB Midrange Food
By frenzy123 
2nd   Mono-U Lands
By Johan Kellgren 
Oracle's Treasure 24-Apr
Other   Lurrus Cycling
Lurrus of the Dream Den
By Raethril 
Jeskai Cycling 28-Apr
Other   ARTISAN(Historic)-TEMUR Elemen...
By ChrizzlyBear 
Other   Treasure hunt
By 051506hi11 
Oracle's Treasure 14-Apr
Other   [Historic] Oracle's Treasure
By ManaDox 
Oracle's Treasure 14-Apr
Top8   Mono-U Combo
By Matias Catalan 
Oracle's Treasure 07-Apr
Other   Caccia al Tesoro COMBO
By Drone00Arena 
Oracle's Treasure 25-Jun
Other   Treasure Hunt
By Alempov 
Oracle's Treasure 13-Apr
Top8   Mono-B Devotion
By Martin Cugnoni 
Other   Thassa's Mill
By Valdo 
Oracle's Treasure 09-May
Other   Thassa's Oracle OTK
By Firemaw 
Oracle's Treasure 10-Jun
Other   BlueLandDevotion
By Ashley 
Oracle's Treasure 09-Jun
Other   Artisan Boroscycle
By MTGSteu 
Other   thassa's oracle Meme (Ultra bu...
Oracle's Treasure 05-May
Other   Treaure Hunt
By 34kwhit 
Oracle's Treasure 21-Apr
Other   Historic Treasure Hunt Combo
By Al_Gahzir 
Oracle's Treasure 29-May

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