Top BUG midrange Decks.

We have collected the top BUG midrange Legacy decks from the latest tournaments. (BUG midrange is also known as True Name BUG, BUG Control or Sultai Midrange). It current price is around 2439$.

Legacy BUG midrange decklists

Rank Name Date
Top8   30 Players BUG Control
By Giuseppe Russo  MTG TLL2 #1 @Magic Lair Torino.
Top8   30 Players True Name BUG
By Giuseppe Russo  MTG TLL2 #1 @ @ Magic Lair (Torino, Italy).
Top4   17 Players Sultai Midrange
By Daniel Schuh  MTG Event @ Et Cetera (Freising).
Top4   21 Players BUG midrange
By Daniel Schuh  MTG Eternal Series Aalen #11.

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