Top BW Dead Guy Ale Decks.

We have collected the top BW Dead Guy Ale Legacy decks from the latest tournaments. (BW Dead Guy Ale is also known as Deadguy Ale, Dead Guy Ale). It current price is around 1148$.

Legacy BW Dead Guy Ale decklists

Rank Name Date
Top8   36 Players Deadguy Ale
By Wilkin Chau  MTG Legacy 1k Showdown @ Face to Face Games.
Top8   40 Players BW Dead Guy Ale
By Wilkin Chau  MTG Legacy Showdown @ FacetoFaceGames (Toronto, Canada).
Top8   27 Players BW Dead Guy Ale
By Wilkin Chau  MTG HTCS: Legacy Champs Trial @ Hairy Tarantula, Toronto.
Top8   115 Players Dead Guy Ale
By Lam, Joe  MTG MTA Legacy Invitational @ Guangzhou, China.

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