Top Legacy Hive Mind Decks. More than 4 decks to beat the metagame!

Hive Mind decklists:

Rank Name Date
2nd   54 Players Show and Tell URbwg
By Aoi Ryuta  MTG Deck 晴れる屋チームレガシー杯....
Top8   29 Players Hive Mind Combo URw
By Michael Nguyen  MTG Deck Legacy Win-A-Dual @ Fire & Dice!.
Top8   65 Players Hive Mind Combo BUw
By Bruno Tapparello  MTG Deck MLL Finale 2015.
Top16   18 Players Hive Mind GUw
By Francisco Javier Sanchez  MTG Deck 3 Jornada Liga de Castilla y Leon - Asgard Valladolid.

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