PEI Monthly #2 @ Charlottetown

PEI Monthly #2 @ Charlottetown Information

MTG Legacy
14 Players

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PEI Monthly #2 @ Charlottetown Decks

Rank Deck Price
1st All My Spells
by ryan tucker
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2nd Jund
by david olson
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Top4 Eldrazi Stompy
by devin watts
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Top4 Jeskai Twin
by noah manholland
Banned Cards
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Tournament Archetype breakdown

Oops! All Spells
Eldrazi Aggro
Splinter Twin

Tournament Most Played Cards

# Card Name Price Image
1st Lightning Bolt $0.99
2nd Leyline of the Void $9.99
3rd Walking Ballista $19.99
4th Wasteland $27.99
5th Simian Spirit Guide $0.39
6th Veil of Summer $9.49
7th Turntimber Symbiosis $6.49
8th Balustrade Spy $0.25
9th Elvish Spirit Guide $14.99
10th Thassa's Oracle $12.99