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We have collected the top The Rock Legacy decks from the latest tournaments. (The Rock is also known as Deadguy Ale, Junk or Abzan Maverick). It current price is around 1311$.

Legacy The Rock decklists

Rank Name Date
1st (5-0)   Unknow Players The Rock
By andoneko  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Competitive Legacy Constructed League.
2nd   Unknow Players Maverick
By Matthew Hurlery  MTG SCG Invitational Qualifier Lexington.
2nd   12 Players The Rock
By Matteo Romei  MTG 2° Lega King´s Cross - VI tappa (Legacy).
Top8   63 Players The Rock
By Robert Green  MTG [Los Angeles, CA] Knight Ware Inc June.
Top16   Unknow Players W/B Stoneblade
By Owen Watson  MTG SCG Duel for Duals Roanoke.
Top8   Unknow Players Suturino quer brinca...
By Carolina Queiroz Pessoa Guarilha  MTG Forja Rpg RJ - Teresópolis.
Top8   27 Players Dead Guy Ale
By Devin Williams  MTG Alabama Legacy League IQ #2 @ Huntsville, Alabama.
Top8   47 Players The Rock
By Douglas Santos  MTG CLC 4ª Etapa - Florianópolis.
Top8   33 Players Deadguy Ale
By Daniel Antunes  MTG Legacy RS - 5th Round.
Top16   152 Players Abzan Maverick
By Nachiket Chauhan  MTG SCG Classic Baltimore.
Top16   16 Players Deadguy Ale
By Daniel Axelsson  MTG Stockholm Legacy League VI - Playoffs.
Top4   48 Players Aggro Rock
By Katou Takeru  MTG 晴れる屋チームレガシー杯 - 2018/5/4....
Top8   40 Players Junk / The Rock
By Felipe Egger  MTG 33º Alpha Legacy.
1st   37 Players Junk / The Rock
By Felipe Egger  MTG 32º Alpha Legacy.
Top4   67 Players WB Aggro
By Yamakawa Hiroaki  MTG 晴れる屋レガシー杯.

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