Top Bant Eldrazi Decks.

We have collected the top Bant Eldrazi Modern decks from the latest tournaments. (Bant Eldrazi is also known as Eldrazi, Bant Edralzi). It current price is around 1200$.

Modern Bant Eldrazi decklists

Rank Name Date
Top4   16 Players Bant Eldrazi
By David Brezdan  MTG FS Games Invitational @ Finch and Sparrow Games (Signal Hill....
Top4   20 Players Eldrazi
By Mickael Tonus  MTG GoG July @ Terville (France).
Top128   645 Players Bant Edralzi
By Morgan Pendley  MTG Star City Games Open Dallas.
Top8   207 Players Eldrazi
By Luis Martín  MTG MCQ Júpiter Juegos.
Top64   645 Players Eldrazi
By Luke Bishop  MTG Star City Games Open Dallas.

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