Hareruya - 《Snapcaster Mage》Contention Modern

Hareruya - 《Snapcaster Mage》Contention Modern Information

MTG Modern
32 Players
 2020-03-21 hareruyamtg.com

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Hareruya - 《Snapcaster Mage》Contention Modern Decks

Rank Deck Price
1st Devoted Combo
by takaya syouichi
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2nd Eldrazi Tron
by miyamoto naoki
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Top4 Grixis Shadow
by nagai shinichi
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Top4 Merfolk
by nagai rinto
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Tournament Archetype breakdown

Eldrazi Tron
Grixis Death's Shadow

Tournament Most Played Cards

# Card Name Price Image
1st Dismember $2.29
2nd Walking Ballista $17.99
3rd Cavern of Souls $59.99
4th Drown in the Loch $1.49
5th Chalice of the Void $64.99
6th Kolaghan's Command $2.79
7th Birds of Paradise $11.99
8th Ashiok, Dream Render $1.99
9th Devoted Druid $0.39
10th Eladamri's Call $8.99