Top Skred Red Decks.

This is an old Archetype

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We have collected the top Skred Red Modern decks from the latest tournaments. (Skred Red is also known as Snow Red, Skred Dragons or Deck). It current price is around 223$.

Modern Skred Red decklists

Rank Name Date
Top128   892 Players Skred Red
By Griffin Kirkwood  MTG SCG Open Worcester.
1st (5-0)   Unknow Players Skred Red
By Warren138  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Competitive Modern Constructed League.
2nd   143 Players Skred Red
By Javier Balderramos  MTG SCG Classic Dallas.
Top16   143 Players Skred Dragons
By Stephan Hamby  MTG SCG Classic Dallas.
1st   12 Players Skred Red
By Anthoine Belmonte  MTG Cartapapa Modern October 1.
Other   Unknow Players Deck
By JoshCrowe (5-0)  MTG Competitive Modern Constructed League.
Top4   59 Players Skred Red
By Giulio Lucentini  MTG PPTQ @ Nerd Paradise (Rome, Italy).
Top4   32 Players Skred Dragons
By Logan Peterson  MTG PPTQ @ Critical Hit Games (Iowa City, IA).
Top8   36 Players Skred Dragons
By Leo Andrew Orbe  MTG Modern Championship @ Back to Games (Abu Dhabi).
Top8   27 Players Skred Red
By Gennaro Cerra  MTG PPTQ Black Lotus - Viterbo, Italy.
Top8   Unknow Players Skred Red
By Gabriel Rios  MTG SCG Invitational Qualifier Woodbridge.
1st (5-0)   Unknow Players Skred Red
By oSPANKYo  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Competitive Modern Constructed League.
1st   4 Players Skred Red
By Rendroc  MTG Magic-League Modern.
2nd   34 Players Skred Red
By Anson Guo  MTG PPTQ @ Magus (Cebu, Philippines).
Top8   55 Players Skred Red
By Giacomo Brusatori  MTG PPTQ Stage One - Magenta, Italy.

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