Sundae @ CARAB (Lucerne)

Sundae @ CARAB (Lucerne) Information

MTG Modern
14 Players

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Sundae @ CARAB (Lucerne) Decks

Rank Deck Price
1st Bant Reclamation
by hermann fehlauer
Banned Cards
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2nd Gixis Death's Shadow
by thibaud zemp
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Top4 Ponza
by fabio baruffa
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Top4 Ur Prowess
by diego santini
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Tournament Archetype breakdown

Bant Reclamation
Grixis Death's Shadow
Gruul Moon
Izzet Spells

Tournament Most Played Cards

# Card Name Price Image
1st Aether Gust $0.79
2nd Blood Moon $9.49
3rd Lightning Bolt $1.29
4th Polluted Delta $44.99
5th Scalding Tarn $29.99
6th Nexus of Fate $23.99
7th Shark Typhoon $14.99
8th Supreme Verdict $5.49
9th Path to Exile $2.79
10th Fact or Fiction $0.25