HARERUYA - Daily Tournaments

HARERUYA - Daily Tournaments Information

MTG Pauper
Unknow Players
 2021-12-13 hareruyamtg.com

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HARERUYA - Daily Tournaments Decks

Rank Deck Price
1st Mono Blue
by saijo tomohito
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1st RG Aggro
by tsunematsu hisato
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1st UR Clock Permission
by kato yu
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Tournament Archetypes breakdown

GR Madness
Skred Faerie's
UB Faeries

Tournament Most Played Cards

# Card Name Price Image
1st Gorilla Shaman $0.25
2nd Faerie Seer $0.79
3rd Spellstutter Sprite $3.99
4th Ninja of the Deep Hours $0.99
5th Curfew $0.29
6th Preordain $0.79
7th Electrickery $0.29
8th Lightning Bolt $2.99
9th Echoing Truth $0.25
10th Counterspell $1.99