Top Bant Ramp Decks.

We have collected the top Bant Ramp Standard decks from the latest tournaments. (Bant Ramp is also known as WUG Aggro, Bant Explore or Rogue). It current price is around 329$.

Standard Bant Ramp decklists

Rank Name Date
Top8   83 Players Bant Ramp
By Justin Provencal  MTG Star City Games Classic Worcester.
2nd   41 Players Rogue
By Yoshida Minoru  MTG Hareruya - โ€Core Set 2020โ€Season First Feast in Osaka.
Top4   45 Players WUG Aggro
By Kojima Yoshimasa  MTG Hareruya - The Finals 2019 Shop Trial.
Top4   49 Players WUG Aggro
By Oikawa Masafumi  MTG Hareruya - God of Standard Trial - 2019/6/23.
1st (5-0)   Unknow Players Bant Ramp
By yoshiky  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Standard League.
Top8   28 Players WUG Aggro
By Oomura Hajime  MTG Hareruya - The Finals 2019 Qualifier.
Top4   Unknow Players Bant Explore
By Aaron Barich  MTG Summer Championship Roanoke.
1st   41 Players Bant Ramp
By Wakita Tomoyuki  MTG Hareruya - Standard Tokai King Cup 6th.

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