Top Standard Grixis Control Decks.

Standard Grixis Control decklists

Rank Name Date
1st   26 Players UBR Control URb
By Watanabe Kouhei  MTG 平日サービススタンダード17時の部....
1st (5-0)   Unknow Players Grixis Control URb
By fredmcfred  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League.
1st   55 Players UBR Control UBr
By Konuma Hiroki  MTG スタンダード・ショーダウン....
Top4   41 Players UBR Control BRu
By Tomita Shuntarou  MTG 晴れる屋スタンダード杯....
Top4   47 Players UBR Control URb
By Hirasawa Mitsuaki  MTG スタンダード神トライアル....
Top32   485 Players Grixis Control BRu
By Devin Beeghly  MTG SCG Standard Open Cincinnati.

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