Top Standard Naya Aggro Decks. More than 4 decks to beat the metagame!

Naya Aggro decklists:

Rank Name Date
1st   30 Players WRG Aggro WGr
By Yamauchi Takashi  MTG Deck FNM20時の部.
2nd   29 Players Naya Humans WRg
By Glenn Muijen  MTG Deck GPT Louisville @ GameForce (Eindhoven).
1st   29 Players Rogue WGr
By Mukai Kuniteru  MTG Deck 平日サービススタンダード20時の部....
Top8   Unknow Players Naya Humans WGr
By Jordan McCutcheon  MTG Deck SCG Invitational Qualifier Lutherville/Timonium.

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