PPTQ Atlanta @ GameForce (Eindhoven)

PPTQ Atlanta @ GameForce (Eindhoven) Information

Name:  PPTQ Atlanta @ GameForce (Eindhoven)
Date:  2018-06-11
Source:  mtgtop8.net
Format: MTG Standard
37 Players
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PPTQ Atlanta @ GameForce (Eindhoven) Decks

1st Mono Red Aggro
by ayuub mohamed
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2nd Salty Sea Leaf Stomp...
by job meertens
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Top4 Mono Red Aggro
by stef van den elzen
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Top4 Ub Midrange
by kaloyan nikov
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Top8 Esper Control
by mark hoogstraten
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Top8 Rb Midrange
by ramon allard
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Top8 Mono Red Aggro
by roald smet
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Top8 Rg Monsters
by glenn muijen
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Tournament Archetypes breakdown

Red Deck Wins
Esper Control
GR Stompy
UB Control
BR Aggro
Steel Leaf Stompy

Tournament Most Played Cards

# Card Name Price Image
1st Abrade $0.95
2nd Glorybringer $0.5
3rd Chandra, Torch of Defiance $10.71
4th Hazoret the Fervent $6.75
5th Chandra's Defeat $0.05
6th Rekindling Phoenix $23.24
7th Blossoming Defense $0.25
8th Goblin Chainwhirler $3.49
9th Kari Zev, Skyship Raider $0.13
10th Aether Hub $0.05


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