Top Sultai Dreadhorde Decks.

We have collected the top Sultai Dreadhorde Standard decks from the latest tournaments. (Sultai Dreadhorde is also known as Sultai Control, Four-Color Dreadhorde). It current price is around 387$.

Standard Sultai Dreadhorde decklists

Rank Name Date
Top16   Unknow Players Sultai Dreadhorde
By Dave Sea  MTGA - Magic Arena Fandom Legends July 18, 2019.
Top4   14 Players Sultai Control
By Steppenwholf  MTGA - Magic Arena MTGA Italia League - SoR - 2nd.
Top16   444 Players Four-Color Dreadhord...
By Sam Lawrence  MTG Star City Games Open Syracuse.
Top64   444 Players Sultai Dreadhorde
By Austin Collins  MTG Star City Games Open Syracuse.

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