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The Pro-files: Interview with Gerry Thompson

11 October 2022. By Andreas 'ecobaronen' Petersen
Welcome to our new series of interviews by Andreas Petersen with the top MTG Pros and Grinders. Today at the Pro-files we are honored to interview Gerry Thompson, former MPL and huge contributor to the Magic the Gathering Community. Enjoy!
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Going Spicy: UW Wrenn and Six in Modern

09 October 2022. By George Jabbour
If you're looking for a new take on UW Control, look no further: after bringing UW Narset to the brewers community, George Jabbour is back with a new creation.
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Standard Mono Black Midrange guide

09 October 2022. By Lucas Giggs
Standard is evolving, but some decks, or rather, colors, are clearly standing out. In this article, Lucas gives us his best tips and tricks to put yourself at the top tables in Standard with Monoblack Midrange. It also includes a complete sideboard guid...
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How to beat the Standard metagame with Esper Midrange by Mogged

09 October 2022. By Mogged
In this guide I will be making a gauntlet of decks to beat from the more solidified Standard metagame explaining how Esper Midrange fares against them and how to sideboard.
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Pioneer Bant Humans In-depth & sideboard guide

06 October 2022. By Jaime Lara - JimmyTo
Bant Humans is a real force to be reckoned with in Pioneer. Jaime dissects the archetype in this guide based on his experience playing in the South American Magic Series.
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The Ultimate Guide to Rakdos Midrange in Pioneer

01 October 2022. By Alessandro Carvallo
Alessandro Carvallo's guide is the perfect resource for anyone looking to take their Pioneer game to the next level. He covers everything you need to know about the Rakdos Midrange, from card selection to deckbuilding and piloting the deck in game. If y...
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Going Mythic with Mono Green in Explorer

30 September 2022. By Lucas Giggs
Lucas tells us how to get Mythic in Magic Arena with the deck he's been using lately in Explorer: Mono Green Stompy
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4 Powerful and Fun Standard Decks without Black

29 September 2022. By Rapsolo
If you're looking to play Standard without breaking the bank, Rapsolo has you covered with four black-less decks that can easily take you to the next level in Arena or at your FNM.
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4 Things You Must Do To Become A Better MTG Player

27 September 2022. By Andreas 'ecobaronen' Petersen
Andreas takes a break from his deck primers to delve into other aspects of the game that will help you level up!
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Modern Mono White Hammer Primer & Sideboard guide

24 September 2022. By Sergio Giménez
Looking to take your Mono White Hammer deck to the next level? Check out this primer and sideboard guide by Sergio who made to the top 4 in the Paris Grand Open Qualifier with 497 players .Learn how to tweak your deck for maximum impact and which cards...
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Standard Jund Midrange Primer & Sideboard Guide

22 September 2022. By Daniel “Gul_Dukat” Goetschel
Daniel "Gul_Dukat" Goetschel took the latest Standard Challenge on MTGO using Jund Midrange, and he's here to give us his insights about the deck, how to play and a complete sideboard guide.
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3 Best Dominaria Standard Decks You Should Know

21 September 2022. By Rapsolo
Rapsolo is back! This week we're taking a look at how the metagame has evolved and which Standard decks you should keep an eye on.
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Pioneer Monowhite Humans deck guide

19 September 2022. By Lucas Giggs
In this article, Lucas Giggs explains the key elements of one of the least-changed decks with the release of Dominaria United: Mono White Humans.
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Standard Esper Midrange Guide By Mogged

17 September 2022. By Mogged
In this article, Mogged, the player with the most Challenge top8s and wins in 2021, and currently leading in Challenge wins in 2022, gives his opinion on the current metagame and offers a complete guide to Esper Midrange in Standard.
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Going Mythic in Standard without black: Boros Aggro Primer

15 September 2022. By Timothy Sikes
Yes, it is possible to reach Mythic without black cards in your deck. Timothy show us in this article how he did it with his current favorite standard deck: boros aggro.
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Top Standard decks after the first week since Dominaria release

14 September 2022. By Rapsolo
Rapsolo gives us his insights of the current Standard meta after the first week since the release of Dominaria United.
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5 New Pioneer decks to try after the release of Dominaria United

11 September 2022. By Lucas Giggs
Since its release, Dominaria United has had a big impact on Pioneer. In this article, Lucas will discuss some of the archetypes that you should keep an eye on.
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Pioneer Azorius Control Sideboard Guide

09 September 2022. By Oscar Franco
In this guide Óscar gives us a complete sideboard guide updated to the current metagame for the decks he used to win the latest MTGO Pioneer Challenge: UW Control
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Oops All Spells cheatsheet and sideboard guide

06 September 2022. By Dmitry Medvedev
Dmitry Medvedev has a striking record of top 8 presence with Oops All Spells in the MTGO Weekly Challenges. In this article, he unveils his tips and tricks to play Oops All Spells in Vintage, including a sideboard guide.
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Lurrus unbanned in Pioneer?

05 September 2022. By MTG Decks Team
The latest information suggests that Lurrus ban on Pioneer may be lifted, as revealed by a bug on MTGO.
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