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Pioneer Rakdos Sacrifice Guide

July 11 | by Jean Zarrouati

Join Jean Zarroutai as he unveils the secrets and history of Rakdos Sacrifice. In this article you'll find a complete primer, his sideboard guide, and his best tips and tricks with the deck to level up your game.

Pioneer Golgari Elves Guide

July 07 | by Lee Shi Tian

Elves are a hidden treasure within the Pioneer metagame. In this guide, Lee Shi Tian provides a comprehensive breakdown of the decklist he played at RC Chiba. Including an updated version, a thorough matchup guide, and his best tips & tricks.

Tales of Middle-earth Limited

July 06 | by Lucas Giggs

In this article Lucas shares his insights about the Tales of Middle Hearth Limited, including the best colors combinations, top pics and a ranking of the best colors to draft.

Twiddle Storm Combo: In-depth & Sideboard Guide

July 02 | by Mateo Ferreira (themanland)

Mateo "themanland" Ferreira provides us with an in-depth guide to the deck he has used to reach the top in multiple MTGO Challenges and Leagues: Twiddle Storm Combo!

Pioneer Wurm Creativity Guide: A Solid, Massive Wyrm

June 29 | by JE Depraz

Creativity decks are a key part of the Pioneer metagame. In this article, JE Depraz shares the details about the deck he used in the recent LEC Athens, including a detailed matchup analysis and his current view of the Pioneer meta.

Most Played Lord of the Rings Cards in Modern

June 28 | by Angel Sevilla

With each new card comes fresh potential. In this article we dive into how the latest set has impacted Modern, which are the new decks, and which cards are being played in each archetype.

Updating Modern with Tales of the Middle Hearth

June 24 | by Lucas Giggs

No one was certain if Tales of the Middle Hearth would make an impact on Modern beyond the Ring and the Orcish Bowmasters, but gradually other cards are starting to see play. In this article, Lucas compiles the most recent brews in competitive tournaments throughout this week.

Innovation and Performance in Magic: The DASH Method

June 23 | by Remi Fortier

We are always looking for the next innovation in each format, but are we doing it the right way? In this article, Remi introduces us to the DASH method, showing us how to find the next great idea without wasting our precious time.

Modern Boros Burn Deck & Sideboard Guide

June 20 | by Lucas Giggs

Boros is a true classic of the Modern metagame. Our red decks expert, Lucas Giggs, shares his latest take on it including a complete sideboard guide that analyzes each of the matchups in the current meta.

Boros Initiative In-depth & Sideboard Guide

June 17 | by Pablo Carrasco

Pablo is back after an impressive winning streak, boasting three consecutive top 8 appearances! Get his best tips for playing his favorite Legacy deck: Boros Initiative. Including his top 4 blinking tricks using Touch the Spirit Realm.

MagicCon 2023 to Host Massive $100,000 Limited Open Tournament

June 13 | by MTG Decks Team

Massive tournaments are making a comeback! Wizards of the Coast has just unveiled plans to host a colossal open event featuring 2,000 players and a staggering $100,000 prize pool.

Standard Monored Aggro Post Ban - Deck and side guide

June 12 | by Lucas Giggs

Lucas guides us step by step on how to master the latest deck that brought him two top 4 finishes last week in the MTGO Standard Challenges: Mono Red Aggro!

New Standard, New Brews: A Fresh Twist on Dimir Midrange by Mogged

June 09 | by Mogged

Mogged is back with a fresh Dimir brew in Standard. This time including a flexible sideboard guide vs the unknown meta that you may face!

Tournament Preparation Like a Pro: Ladder and Series

June 06 | by Remi Fortier

Unlock your true potential and conquer your next tournament with Remi's latest guide on effective tournament preparation. This guide includes major pitfalls that almost all players commit, as well as his two key techniques.

Pioneer Abzan Greasefang Sideboard Guide

June 04 | by Santiago Bigatti

Welcome to Santiago's ultimate guide to Abzan Greasefang! With over 1,800 words of expert insight, this guide is perfect for anyone planning to play this deck in the upcoming RCs or RCQs. Dive in and discover how to play each matchup correctly!

Temur Persist Creativity Primer: A.k.a. Rugby Creativity

June 01 | by Léo "Moudou" Bartolomé

In this article, Moudou shows us his latest Creativity brew, which he has been using to achieve an 80% winrate. Learn the secrets behind its key card, Strike it Rich, and how it fits into the current meta. Full sideboard guide included!

Vintage Prison Shops Guide: Tip, Tricks & How to Sideboard

May 31 | by Mogged

Discover the best tips from Mogged on playing his Vintage pet deck: Prison Shops. Get the exact list he used to end 2nd in the latest MTGO Challenge, including a comprehensive sideboard guide vs the current meta.

Fine tuning Mono-green in Pioneer: In-depth & Sideboard guide

May 29 | by Remi Fortier

In this article, Remi shows us how to fine-tune Mono-Green Devotion against the current meta, including a complete walkthrough of each matchup and how to sideboard vs each one.

Standard Bans Ahead: Which Decks Will Emerge?

May 26 | by Lucas Giggs

Which decks will take the top tiers in a Standard without Fable? Which other cards might be banned in this Monday's bans? In this article Lucas shares his opinion about what is to come in this new Standard.

9th in the Pro Tour with Grixis Midrange

May 24 | by Mogged

This week, Mogged shares his Pro Tour experience, what he learned, and his team's conclusions about the current Standard and Limited formats. You'll also find a quick sideboard guide if you want to play his Grixis build until everything changes in Standard in just a couple of days!
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