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March of the Machine Sealed Quick Guide

April 14 | by Jaime Lara - JimmyTo

The March of the Machine pre-release is here! Are you ready to build your limited deck this weekend? In this article, Jaime gives us a quick introduction to the format and the key cards for each color.

March of the Machine: Most Promising cards for Standard and Pioneer

April 11 | by Lucas Giggs

This week, Lucas shows us the March of the Machine cards that have the potential to shape the upcoming Pioneer and Standard formats.

Pioneer Gruul Boats Tips, Tricks & Sideboard Guide

April 07 | by Lucas Giggs

In this article, Lucas shares his experience playing with the RG Boats version that helped Hamuda reach the top-8 in both challenges last week. Discover the unique card choices that make this deck one of the best contenders against the current meta.

Top 4 @ MTGO Challenge with Rakdos Midrange: Analysis & Sideboard Guide

April 06 | by Mogged

This past weekend, Mogged made it to the top 4 at the Standard Challenge with his latest Rakdos brew. Read on to learn about his specific card choices and a complete sideboard guide for the deck he used.

Top 8 at the Standard Challenge with Monored Aggro: Tips, tricks & sideboard guide

March 29 | by Lucas Giggs

This week, Lucas brings us a complete guide about the deck he used to make it to the top 8 at the latest Standard Challenge: Mono Red Aggro.

Esper Legends Tips, Tricks & Sideboard Guide by Mogged

March 28 | by Mogged

This week, Mogged unveils his latest Esper Legend brew, fine-tuned with some spicy card choices to beat the current meta. Get his best tips, tricks, and a comprehensive sideboard guide vs the current Standard top decks.

Going beyond data and choosing the right deck for you

March 23 | by Mogged

In this article, Mogged provides an insightful analysis of the Standard Metagame and offers guidance on choosing the right deck for you based on your skills and experience.

Standard Rakdos Aggro: Analysis & Sideboard Guide

March 22 | by Lucas Giggs

If you're looking for a spicy red deck for your next tournament, Lucas is here to help! This week, he analyzes an interesting Mono-red build that made it to the top 8 at the City Class Showdown. Including a complete sideboard guide ;)

Modern Jund Creativity Deck Tech & Sideboard Guide

March 18 | by Alessandro Carvallo

Alessandro has been doing really well playing Jund Creativity on MTGO Leagues. In this article, he highlights the key aspects of the deck and provides a comprehensive sideboard guide against the current meta. Are you ready?

Pioneer Monowhite Humans - In-Depth & Sideboard Guide Update

March 13 | by Lucas Giggs

This week Lucas shares his top tips, tricks, and a complete sideboard guide for the latest version of Mono White Humans by Takumi Matsura. Takumi used this unique build to make it to the top four at Pro Tour Phyrexia and is now becoming one of the best performing versions of the deck.

The 4 Types of Advantage: Definition, Types & How to Calculate It.

March 11 | by David Kaliski "El Turko"

In this article, Kaliski goes in-depth to explore the concept of having the advantage in a match, how to identify who has it and the best strategies to gain it.

Standard Mono White Midrange Update & Sideboard Guide

March 05 | by Lucas Giggs

This week, Lucas gives us his best tips and tricks for playing Mono White Midrange, the nemesis of Grixis players. He'll show us how to sideboard and play each match against the key archetypes in the current meta, and he'll also analyze a few hands to help us improve our mulligan skills. Are you ready?

A fresh take: Rakdos Scamless In-depth & sideboard guide

March 02 | by Alessandro Carvallo

Sometimes "fair" decks have a chance to shine in Modern. In this article, Alessandro shows us his latest iteration of a personal favorite: Rakdos Midrange. He has used it to crush the Swiss League at the Manatraders Qualifier, with an outstanding 85% win rate! Are you ready to learn how it works?

Grixis Midrange sideboard guide by Mogged

February 28 | by Mogged

It's no secret that Grixis has become a powerhouse in Standard. In this article, Mogged, the latest MTGO Challenge winner, will share his insights about the evolution of the deck and a complete sideboard guide versus the current field.

A Guide to Drafting Phyrexia All Will Be One: Top 5 Archetypes

February 25 | by Lucas Giggs

Phyrexia: All Will Be One, while controversial, can be quite fun to draft if you know what to look for. In this article, Lucas will provide us with a comprehensive guide to the top five draft archetypes, including key picks, strategies, and additional comments about the best commons in the set.

Discovering Modern: Key Archetypes & Strategies

February 23 | by Pablo Carrasco

Are you just starting with Modern? It's a great format with a bunch of different deck archetypes, each of which has its own strategies and play styles. In this article, Pablo will take a look at them, going over how they work, their key cards, and how to defeat them.

Same, Same, But Different: 5 “New” Pioneer Decks to give a try

February 17 | by Mogged

Known decks, but with a twist! This week, Mogged gives us some fresh brews for Pioneer just a few hours before we get a glimpse of the decks played at Pro Tour Phyrexia. Maybe we'll see one of these in the top? Time will tell!

Breaking Standard with Atraxa Reanimator: In-depth & Sideboard Guide

February 15 | by Alessandro Carvallo

Alessandro is back! This time, with the deck that he and his friend Jair Farjat used to make it to the top at the latest Standard Challenge. Learn how to play the deck, the card choices, and his best tips and tricks to level up your game.

Modern Eldrazi Tron In-depth & Sideboard Guide

February 14 | by Lucas Giggs

Since its inception, Eldrazi Tron has been a staple in the Modern metagame. In this article, Lucas will take us through his latest version of the deck, which he has been playing in MTGO Leagues and that also took the MTGO Challenge in the hands of Leandru.

Top 8 at the Legacy Challenge with Mono-White Initiative: In-Depth & Sideboard Guide

February 05 | by Lucas Giggs

Lucas is back with a guide for the deck he used to make it into the top 8 in the latest MTGO Legacy Challenge: Mono White Initiative. Are you ready to learn how to play the new deck that has warped the Legacy metagame?
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