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Top 8 at the Legacy Challenge with Mono-White Initiative: In-Depth & Sideboard Guide

February 05 | by Lucas Giggs

Lucas is back with a guide for the deck he used to make it into the top 8 in the latest MTGO Legacy Challenge: Mono White Initiative. Are you ready to learn how to play the new deck that has warped the Legacy metagame?

5 New Decks to Beat the Phyrexia: All Will be ONE Standard

February 04 | by Mogged

Phyrexia: All Will Be One is here! it's time to build the new decks that will shape the Standard metagame in the following months. In this article, Mogged, one of the top Standard experts, show us his latest brews using the new #MTGONE cards.

Know the Difference: Win Condition vs. Game Plan

January 30 | by David Kaliski "El Turko"

In this article, Kaliski helps us to discover how the win condition and the game plan are closely linked and how, by knowing how they interact throughout the game, you can win more games.

The 10 Most Impactful Phyrexia: All will be one MTG Cards in Standard

January 27 | by Mogged

With the upcoming release of Phyrexia: All Will Be One, it's time to pre-order the hidden gems that will shape the metagame before their prices skyrocket. In this article, Mogged, one of the top MTGO players, gives us his insights about the top #MTGONE cards to look for in Standard.

Playing Around: 5 Actionable Tips to Win the Information Game

January 22 | by Alejandro "Jano" Sepúlveda

Mastering the information game is essential for success in Magic: The Gathering. Jano, the recent winner of the South American Magic Series, shares his top strategies for conquering the process and how to avoid losing games and take the victory by applying the right tools.

The Undisputable Pauper Tier 1: Mono Red Synthesizer

January 20 | by Alessandro Carvallo

Cabezadebolo is back! This time with a guide to playing his Pauper favorite: Mono Red Synthesizer (a.k.a. Mono Red Kuldotha). Discover his latest version and a quick sideboard guide versus the most relevant decks in the current meta.

How to Beat Tilt and Win More Games in Magic: The Gathering!

January 18 | by Léo "Moudou" Bartolomé

Tilt in Magic: The Gathering is a common phenomenon experienced by many players. In this article, Moudou will show us how to deal with and prevent it, and provide a few examples taken from all-time MTG pros! Are you ready?

Standard Rakdos Midrange Sideboard Guide and Deckbuilding Choices

January 17 | by Mogged

This week, Mogged analyzes the current state of the Standard meta and how he built his deck of choice to make it back to the top 8 at the Standard Challenge: Rakdos Midrange. And, of course, it also includes a complete sideboard guide ;)

Standard Azorius Soldiers Primer & Sideboard Guide

January 14 | by Lucas Giggs

This week, Lucas guides us through the deck he has used to make the top 8 of the MTGO Standard Challenge twice in a row: UW Soldiers. Learn his best tips, tricks, and card choices to beat the Standard metagame.

Pauper Grixis Affinity Tips, Tricks & Sideboard guide By Mogged

January 09 | by Mogged

Affinity has earned a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the Pauper Format of Magic: The Gathering over the years. In this article, Mogged dissects his latest version of the deck, with a full sideboard guide and his best tips and tricks to beat the Pauper meta with it.

Pioneer Selesnya Angels Deck Breakdown & Sideboard Guide

January 07 | by Lucas Giggs

Lucas is back! This time, with GW Angels, a deck he has been playing lately to be at the top tables in MTGO. In this guide, he shares his deck breakdown and a complete sideboard guide versus the current metagame.

Level Up Your Game: Solving the Right Puzzles

January 06 | by Léo "Moudou" Bartolomé

Becoming a better player involves adopting new habits to improve how you handle the different scenarios you'll face in your matches. In this article, Moudou shows us how to spot the right puzzles and how to internalize the process to find them.

Standard Mono-red Aggro guide

January 01 | by Lucas Giggs

Sizzle your opponents with Mono-red aggro! Lucas Giggs, one of this season top MTGO grinders, has fire-forged an updated guide to help you up your game!

Building and breaking metagames: The Halo effect of Deckbuilding

December 30 | by Mogged

Constructing a new deck for competitive play can be a daunting task, but when done correctly, it can prove to be a rewarding and successful endeavor. Mogged has been doing this all year, with an incredible winning streak on MTGO. In this article, he shares his process for preparing for the ever-changing metagame from week to week.

Winning with Gruul Vehicles: tips, tricks & sideboard guide

December 25 | by Lucas Giggs

Lucas is an expert in playing aggressive, midrange decks with Red. In this guide he teaches us his tricks and tips for playing one of the popular archetypes in the Explorer and Pioneer metagame: Gruul Vehicles.

Breaking Standard: UR Artifacts Ramp guide

December 23 | by Mogged

Mogged has done it again! The reign of midrange decks in Standard has come to an end. In this guide, Mogged teaches us about his latest creation that won him the latest Standard Challenge: UR Artifacts Ramp.

Pioneer Rakdos Sacrifice Sideboard Guide By Brittney

December 22 | by Brittney

In this article, Brittney shares with us her sideboard guide for her most recent tournament with Rakdos Sacrifice. This time with an interesting story behind it! Huge thanks for sharing it!

Winning the Brother's War Limited Challenge: Tips, tricks & analysis

December 20 | by Lucas Giggs

Are you looking for a way to win the Brother's War Limited Challenge? If so, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we provide an in-depth analysis of the Brother's War Limited Challenge and give you the best tips and tricks to help you achieve victory. Let's get started!

Winning the Regional Championship with Red Deck Wins:In-depth & sideboard guide

December 19 | by Alejandro "Jano" Sepúlveda

Welcome to the exciting world of Red Deck Wins! As the recent winner of the Regional Championship, I'm here to share my experience and insights into the powerful and aggressive style of Red Deck Wins. Be prepared to learn the secrets and strategies behind this popular deck and how to make it work for you in your own tournaments.

UB Terror Tips Tricks & Sideboard Guide By Mogged

December 17 | by Mogged

U/B Terror Deck is one of the most powerful and versatile strategies available in Pauper, leveraging the potent control elements of blue, with the disruption and removal spells from black. In this article, Mogged shows us his latest version of it, including his best tips and tricks and a sideboard guide versus the current Pauper metagame.
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