Sylvia Brightspear Commander

We have collected the top Sylvia Brightspear Commander decks from the latest tournaments. The current price average is around 765$.

Sylvia Brightspear Commander decklists

Rank Name Date
Top4   17 Players Boros Partners
By Burmistrov Alexey  MTG Volgograd DC daily 7 @ Volgo Games.
Top8   90 Players Sylvia Khorvath
By Roman Leconte  MTG ZAP octobre @ Palaiseau.
2nd   11 Players Partner Boros
By TimΓ©o Passard  MTG DC de la Semaine @ BDE Mont Saint Aignan (76).
Top8   20 Players Khorvath // Sylvia
By Burmistrov Alexey  MTG League 9 Duel Commander @ Volgo Games.
Top8   26 Players Boros Partners
By Burmistrov Alexey  MTG City Championship Summer '19 @ Volgo Games (Russia).
Top4   36 Players Sylvia & Khorvath
By Julian Heßling  MTG 1st German Duel EDH Tournament @ Darmstadt, Germany.

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