Pauper Mono-blue Faeries Deck & Sideboard Guide

15/05/2023 · 4 min read

About Mono-blue Faeries

One of my latest pickups in Pauper  is Mono-blue Faeries. I have participated in several tournaments with it, including a challenge win. In this article, I will be going over the deck, sharing tips and tricks about it, and providing a sideboard guide.

My current version

Mono Blue Faeries. Builder: Mogged.MTGO - Magic Online
1st in MTGO Pauper Challenge #12541677 15-Apr-2023
Maindeck (60)
Creature [24]
4  Spellstutter Sprite   $4.49
4  Faerie Seer   $0.69
4  Faerie Miscreant   $0.35
4  Ninja of the Deep Hours   $1.99
4  Brinebarrow Intruder   $0.35
4  Moon-Circuit Hacker   $0.35
Instant [14]
4  Mutagenic Growth   $2.99
3  Snap   $0.69
3  Counterspell   $1.29
2  Spell Pierce   $0.35
1  Counterspell   $1.29
1  Snap   $0.69
Sorcery [4]
4  Of One Mind   $0.49
Land [18]
4  Island   $0.01
6  Island   $0.01
5  Island   $0.01
3  Island   $0.01
Sideboard [15]
3  Relic of Progenitus   $6.49
2  Steel Sabotage   $0.35
3  Hydroblast   $1.99
3  Blue Elemental Blast   $0.59
4  Annul   $0.35
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My favorite pauper card has always been Spellstutter Sprite. It truly embodies what the format is all about: cheap interaction and small, efficient threats. The Spellstutter decks are to this format what Blue-Red Delver is to Legacy and Blue-Red Murktide is to Modern.

My favorite pauper card has always been Spellstutter Sprite

The idea behind these decks is that your cards are solid on their own while trying to interact with the opponent to weaken their synergies and turn their expensive cards into liabilities against your counters.

Deck Role and Card Choices

This deck focuses on leveraging your early game mana efficiency to gain a tempo advantage. Once the Spellstutter/Ninja engine starts rolling, the chances of an enemy comeback diminish turn by turn. A minor win condition for the deck is the presence of numerous hard-to-remove fliers, which act as a clock.

Spellstutter Sprite

The main card, Spellstutter Sprite, works well with every single card in the deck, including faeries, ninjas, fake counterspells, or the opposite. It can be used to close the game when it becomes a hard counter and will always make enemy lines much more difficult, even when you don't have it in hand.

Spellstutter Sprite
0.13 Tix

Other key cards

The newest card that made the deck a real contender is Brinebarrow Intruder.

Mutagenic Growth
0.49 Tix
Brinebarrow Intruder
0.03 Tix

It's a combat trick that complements Mutagenic Growth and our lack of real removal, reducing the cost of One Mind, and providing us with a cheap creature with an ETB for ninjas.

Of One Mind
0.02 Tix

It constantly threatens to make all trades better for us and sometimes allows us to alpha strike without many casualties. This card does all the enabling for this deck at one mana.

Another useful addition is Moon-Circuit Hacker, which fills the 5 to 8 ninja slot to maintain the theme of the deck.

Moon-Circuit Hacker
0.01 Tix

Tips and Tricks

1. Not falling behind on tempo early is the most important thing.

2. Never have slow hands.

3. You have to keep most 1 landers with Faerie Seer.

4. Don’t tap out unless you have to or the reward for it is very enticing.

5. Most of the time you are looking to interact first and then start drawing.

6. Spellstutter can be returned with either ninja’s or snap on the spot to be used as a counterspell.

7. Use Brinebarrow Intruder to save your attackers when trying to put more ninja’s on the board, you can even use the ones on board if left unblocked.

8. You can use a ninja on your unblocked ninja when a removal is targeting it, plan ahead with this detail in mind.

9. You can keep recycling Moon-circuit hackers every next turn to avoid looting so maybe think twice before committing all of them on the board in the same turn.

10. Mutagenic can be used to save your creatures from red removal and sometimes vs effects that have a power/toughness condition like Last Breath.

Last Breath
0.02 Tix

11. Late-game stalled boards sometimes mean your ninjas are acting as walls, as their attacks are very potent, preventing enemy attacks while the fliers put a clock on enemy life points. This means that you can win with less power on board against something like double Myr Enforcer, for example.

Myr Enforcer
0.03 Tix

12. Always be wary of Electrickery, Suffocating Fumes, or similar effects after sideboarding. The more ahead you are, the more you can play around with those.

Sideboard guide



Mono-blue Faeries Mirror

–No changes–

Dimir Terror

UW Familiars

Orzhov Ephemerate

GR Ponza

–No changes–

Boros Synthesizer

Flicker Tron


Final words

Monoblue Faeries is my favorite deck at the moment. Casting multiple cheap spells per turn is fun. Sideboarding with this deck is easy, and post-board, you will find yourself playing similarly to a control deck in most matchups.

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