Pioneer Rakdos Sacrifice Sideboard Guide By Brittney

22/12/2022 · 7 min read

Quick intro

Today, we bring something different to the table. This time, we must express our gratitude to Brittey for generously sharing her list and sideboard guide. After she mistakenly thought the close-ish Pio RCQ she planned on playing this weekend was a day earlier than she believed, she realized this only a few minutes ago after tuning her list all day.

Here is the list she was planning to play, as well as the sideboard guide.

She has decided to make it available to the public totally free, and we asked her about creating a visual sideboard guide with it. Here it is!

The deck

Rakdos Sacrifice. Builder: Brittney Davis.MTGA - Magic Arena
Other in 20-Dec-2022
Maindeck (58)
Creature [21]
2  Sheoldred, the Apocalypse   $74.99
3  Cauldron Familiar   $0.99
4  Bloodtithe Harvester   $0.25
4  Unlucky Witness   $0.25
4  Fable of the Mirror-Breaker   $27.99
4  Mayhem Devil   $3.49
Artifact [4]
4  Witch's Oven   $0.69
Instant [8]
2  Village Rites   $0.35
2  Fatal Push   $2.49
4  Deadly Dispute   $2.99
Sorcery [2]
1  Kari Zev's Expertise   $1.49
1  Eaten Alive   $0.25
Land [23]
1  Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth   $39.99
1  Castle Locthwain   $2.99
1  Sulfurous Springs   $4.49
1  Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance   $3.99
1  Mountain   $0.01
2  Haunted Ridge   $14.99
2  Takenuma, Abandoned Mire   $7.99
2  Swamp   $0.01
2  Hive of the Eye Tyrant   $5.99
2  Den of the Bugbear   $7.99
4  Blood Crypt   $20.99
4  Blightstep Pathway   // $7.49
Sideboard [15]
1  Kari Zev's Expertise   $1.49
2  Abrade   $0.25
2  Necromentia   $1.79
2  Noxious Grasp   $0.35
4  Leyline of the Void   $10.99
4  Thoughtseize   $15.99
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Sideboard Guide

VS Mono Green

VS Rakdos Midrange

VS UR Phoenix

VS White

Changing the full 4 Falta Push into 2 Fatal Push + 1 Eaten Alive + 1 extra Village Rites made this matchup, and soldiers as well, a little worse. It might also make Red worse. Before, you were 60-40; now, maybe it's 55-45. I'm considering changing the 1 Eaten Alive for a push. It would mess up your Green SB numbers a bit.                                                                                                                                        

VS UW Control

Your Thoughtseizes are looking for stuff like temporary lockdown, verdict, etc., not taking planeswalkers/counters unless you are specifically trying to resolve a spell that turn. Getting Cat/Oven going is very good; Oven unanswered blanks their wandering Emperors. Noxious Grasp kills their big walkers that you can't attack down. T1 Thoughtseize is rarely correct.                                                                                                        

VS Greasefang

It's hard to determine how hard to mull for Leyline because they have 2xTear in their deck. I need to test this matchup more to determine which hands can be kept and which can't.                                        

VS RG Vehicles

Oven is valuable (or waiting to play a creature if possible if you have a sac spell) because of stomp.

VS Enigmatic & keruga fires

Temporary lockdown is your nemesis. Do not play too much in the lockdown. Your role is not to be "faster" than them. Don't randomly sac your witnesses/creatures for more cards/value unless you're really missing mana. Blanking their removal spells with your rites/dispute is pos. tempo.  your goal is to accumulate resources and ping them out. be wary of an omnath or a hasty kenrith. This is a tough matchup, could definitely use some more testing here.                                                                                                                                

VS Bant Spirits

Not having Rending Volleys has made this matchup a little harder.                                                                                                

VS Lotus Field

Claim can give your creatures haste so leaving in one is better than it looks when you're trying to race them.


VS Angels

VS Mono Blue Spirits

VS Rakdos Sacrifice (Mirror)

VS Bogles

VS Mono Red

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