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17/12/2022 · 9 min read

About the deck

UB Serpent is a pauper deck  that pairs disruption with 1 mana 5/5s it can always hold mana up threatening disruption/combat trick that defaults to setting up the next turn with instant speed cantrips.

Tolarian Terror
0.01 Tix

What I like about this deck is how smooth it is, setting up traps with fangs and counterspell doesn’t take a big toll on your turns and there is usually a way to use all your mana. I always tried to play Gurmag Angler decks because Gurmag beats Pauper’s best removals : Galvanic Blast, Snuff Out, Lightning bolt.

My current version

Dimir Terror by Mogged


UB Serpent. Builder: Mogged.MTGO - Magic Online
2nd in MTGO Pauper Challenge #12501256 10-Dec-2022
Maindeck (60)
Creature [12]
4  Fallaji Archaeologist   $0.25
4  Tolarian Terror   $0.99
4  Gurmag Angler   $0.29
Instant [26]
1  Suffocating Fumes   $0.59
2  Spell Pierce   $0.25
3  Unexpected Fangs   $0.29
4  Thought Scour   $0.35
4  Mental Note   $3.49
4  Snuff Out   $12.99
4  Counterspell   $1.29
4  Brainstorm   $1.29
Sorcery [4]
2  Deep Analysis   $0.25
2  Deep Analysis   $0.25
Land [18]
1  Island   $0.01
4  Contaminated Aquifer   $0.59
4  Island   $0.01
4  Ice Tunnel   $0.49
5  Island   $0.01
Sideboard [15]
1  Dispel   $0.25
1  Unexpected Fangs   $0.29
1  Nihil Spellbomb   $0.79
2  Rotten Reunion   $0.25
2  Suffocating Fumes   $0.59
4  Chainer's Edict   $1.79
4  Hydroblast   $1.99
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Deck choices

Taplands over Fetchlands

While fetchlands fuel the graveyard for Gurmag Anglers and can help with Brainstorm, Swamps can't cast 18 of the deck's cards, and you will run into trouble if you have to fetch an Island first, making Snuff Out uncastable, and you run the risk of milling Swamps. For that reason, I prefer taplands.

Unexpected Fangs over Removals

Almost every creature in the format is smaller than your 5/5s, which means opponents need to double-block, opening them up to Snuff Out or Unexpected Fangs.

Snuff Out
30.22 Tix
Unexpected Fangs
0.02 Tix

This dangerous situation usually leads to opponents deciding not to do that and race you instead, forcing you to use something like Cast Down on an insignificant creature that doesn't stop your general plan.

Unexpected Fangs is better overall, as it can be useful in both situations, preventing games from being stolen and filling up the hole our 8 spells leave (Deep Analysis and Snuff Out) with a total of 12+16 life cost. There is no real need for removal in most cases, with some rare exceptions.

Fallaji Archaeologist over Augur of bolas

Milling three cards is very useful in this deck, reducing your threats' cost and possibly hitting deep enough to refill. There is also a better downside compared to Bolas, in case of not finding a noncreature spell, leaving you with 3 cards in the graveyard and a ¼.

Fallaji Archaeologist
0.01 Tix
Augur of Bolas
0.03 Tix

Tips and tricks

Brainstorm tricks

Brainstorm is great in this deck since it doesn’t only get rid of the 2 worst cards in your hand but also sets up your graveyard in combination with the 12 ways to mill your top cards and this is why I run 4 Deep Analysis.

0.15 Tix

Timing Your Removal

Unexpected Fangs and Snuff Out are ought to be used after blockers are declared most of the time because that gives you the maximum chance to inflict a blowout.

You can also target your opponent

Thought-scouring your opponent is very rare, but very useful when it comes to that. The mirror sometimes goes too deep, and there is enough graveyard fodder for both players to cast everything, so decking out becomes a real thing. The line is very thin, though, as you might enable flashback spells. This might also happen versus Fog Tron and Affinity.

Unload everything in one turn

Aim for a single, big turn to play out all your threats if you recognize your opponent is loaded with answers; these things are really hard to answer, so there is a chance something will stick, even if your opponent theoretically has enough answers.

Matchup & sideboard guide


This is the worst matchup in the format. Affinity has a much better late-game than us, and their double blocks line up well; for example, Frogmite and Enforcer can stop our threats, and it is easy for them to replay those with Fountain. Another huge issue is Kenku Artificer not only providing a permanent blocker, but also making their Galvanic Blasts live. We have to be the aggressor and win fast, otherwise the board stalls and they bury us in card advantage.

On the play

On the draw

Kuldotha burn

This matchup is really easy; all you need to do is use unexpected Fangs in one of your 5/5s, and that will probably buy you enough time. Even if you lose Game 1, you can come back post-board with a nightmare plan for them. Gurmag is the better target for Fangs because Serpent can be hit with Pyroblast.

Rakdos burn

Again a really good matchup that can be solved with fangs and a 5/5 , there is a risk if they bring edicts which you could counter by adding Rotten Reunion instead of Deep analysis.

Dimir terror (Mirror)

There’s a lot of ways the mirror can go, it’s harder to answer or block on game 1 so being faster is important and you can’t use your card advantage as easily.
Postboard it’s all about edicts and edict protection and for that reason resolving Fallaji is the most important thing.


Again this is a matchup that you have to be the aggressor and put them to chump block mode before they can get enough gates to make their 1/1s relevant but they do have removal, suffocating fumes is your ace card.


I think boggles is slightly favorable because you can block in various ways and easily set up your postboard edicts, they will eventually run out of steam.


I am still figuring out the tron matchup and I think it’s even. Having counterspells and a 0 mana way to stop their blinking justifies your clock being slowed down by fogs, if you are playing on MTGO clocking out your tron opponent is a real win condition since they have to go down to their last cards to beat you and you might even get a chance to through-scour them.


Boros Synth

UB Faeries/U Faeries

UR faeries

Deck performance

All in all this is how I view the matchups.

🟢 Good matchups

  • Kuldotha Red
  • Rakdos Burn
  • Boros variants
  • Boggles
  • Walls (Generally aggro)

🟠 Even

  • Caw Gate
  • Tron
  • Faeries

🔴 Bad

  • Affinity

Final words

This is a very fun deck to play because casting 1-mana 5/5s is really satisfying, and the difficulty for running this is relatively low compared to blue decks that previously dominated the Pauper metagame . This is my recommendation if you hate losing to Swiftspear and love to win fast with a blue deck.

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