The Hidden Gems in Theros Standard

by MTG Decks
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Standard metagame this weekend

Theros is here! The new cards are shaping the Standard Metagame, and we will try to find what are the new treasures that you must have in your collection. If you want to get an overview of the  best performing decks in the latest tournaments look no further! We will analyze the most relevant events from this previous week and we will try to find what the new trends are.

Paper tournaments @ Hareruya, Japan

Hareruya is always one of the best places to get a taste of what is going to be the next big thing in Standard. They have been running 3 tournaments this week with the following metagame for each of them.

Hareruya - Theros Beyond Death Season First Feast - Hareruya TC analysis

Hareruya - ” Theros Beyond Death”Season First Feast in Osaka  analysis

Hareruya - 『テーロス還魂記』環境初陣戦in福岡店~王の帰還!店長討伐スタンダード~ 

Lets take a look at all of them together

And of course we can take a look at the overall metagame in Japan looking at all the three tournaments together. There is a clear winner: Jeskai Fires in the most played deck, followed by monoblack.

The MTGO scene

Lets now take a look at how everything is evolving in Magic Online. Here you can see the result from the most recent Standard Leagues and Challenges all combined in one simple chart. Once Jeskai Fires is ahead, but the rest of the meta is quite interesting and different, take a look.

The Magic the Gathering Arena metagame

Aetherhub has been running two tournaments this week. The interesting part here is that Azorius Control is the most played option here, relegatin Jeskai Fires to the middle of the table.

All this week tournaments together

Are you wondering what is the current most played deck in Standard? Let's take a look at all the event in a single chart...., and the winner is....

This chart includes the following tournaments info:

  • MTGO Standard Challenge #12076810 
  • Hareruya - ” Theros Beyond Death”Season First Feast in Osaka 
  • Theros Beyond Death Release Tournament #1 
  • Theros Beyond Death Release Tournament #2 
  • Cookie Qualifier @ Mr. Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) 
  • MTGO Standard League 
  • Hareruya - 『テーロス還魂記』環境初陣戦in福岡店~王の帰還!店長討伐スタンダード~ 

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Published: 2020-01-29 12:58:00