IKORIA best performing cards over the weekend

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20/04/2020 · 2 min read

The weekend is over, and after the dust has settled, everyone is wondering what are the new metagame staples that they must have in their collection. Today we analyze which new Ikoria cards are shaping Standard. If you find this kind of articles useful please let us know in the comments.

Ikoria best performing cards over the first weekend

Hello everyone, 

Yes!! Ikoria and its monster are here!. As we did with Theros, here is our article about their impact on the metagame. We have gathered the info from more than 30 tournaments over the weekend to see what have been the most played cards from this new set. I'm sure that our avid readers are willing to know which cards have a chance to be the sleepers from this set (those cards that out of nowhere will skyrocket its price).

Let's try to do it programmatically  :D !!!

I compiled all the decks played over this weekend in MTG Arena or Magic the Gathering Online where Ikoria was valid. With them, I've crafted a list of the Ikoria cards sorted by the number of copies played. Of course, there is a clear winner:

0.06 Tixes @CardHoarder 0.39 @CardKingdom 1.4 @TCGplayer

But it is also followed by some less expected ones:

5.8 Tixes @CardHoarder 14.99 @CardKingdom 12.5 @TCGplayer

11.2 Tixes @CardHoarder 11.99 @CardKingdom 9 @TCGplayer

0.01 Tixes @CardHoarder 1.29 @CardKingdom 1.15 @TCGplayer

As everyone noticed Gyruda is making an impact... and yes it has been sent to temporary confinement due to an MTGO bug, but his presence is still noticeable. But the list is quite interesting by itself. I'm really looking forward to hearing your opinions after seeing the list.

And now, without further ado, here it is the complete list:

# Card Name Number of times played Price Image
1st Gyruda, Doom of Depths 121 $69.99
2nd Raugrin Triome 77 $10.94
3rd Shark Typhoon 62 $3.64
4th Heartless Act 61 $1.52
5th Narset of the Ancient Way 54 $15.42
6th Ketria Triome 51 $10.94
7th Neutralize 46 $0.47
8th Keruga, the Macrosage 41 $20.75
9th Sea-Dasher Octopus 40 $8.7
10th Luminous Broodmoth 40 $44.91
11th Call of the Death-Dweller 39 $0.5
12th Cunning Nightbonder 38 $0.5
13th Inspired Ultimatum 35 $1.19
14th Lurrus of the Dream Den 35 $14.99
15th Essence Scatter 34 $0.19
16th Wilt 34 $0.25
17th Fiend Artisan 34 $31.99
18th Yidaro, Wandering Monster 32 $8.49
19th Serrated Scorpion 30 $0.25
20th Migration Path 29 $0.98

So, what you opinion? Which one will be the hidden sleeper?

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