The MTG Standard Metagame after the Mythic Championship VII Qualifier

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28/10/2019 · 2 min read

Standard metagame this weekend

Mythic Championship VII Qualifier's first day has finished, but Oko's dominance is not. After multiple rounds of Standard, and with more than 2000 players fighting their way to classify, Oko is still on almost every deck. 

Maybe Field of the Dead was only part of the problem? Take a look at the current archetype analysis from the tournament, more than half of the players were running the Simic Planeswalker on their decks.  We will look at each of the major tournaments individually and at the end of the article you will find a table with all the aggregated data from this weekend tournaments.

Mythic Championship VII Qualifier archetypes

Take a look at the current metagame analysis from the all 102 Mythic Championship VII Qualifier Decklists ! 

Starcitygames Classic Atlanta archetype analysis

It looks like the results from the Starcitygames Standard Classis are also a bit biased toward Oko.

You can check all the decklists here.

Japanese tournaments at Hareruya

And what about the far east? On the other side of the world the lack of diversity and the presence of Oko is also looking awful.

Hareruya - Standard Tokai King Cup 8th archetype analysis

you can take a look at al the tournament decks here.

Hareruya - PlanesWalker Championship in Nagoya archetype analysis

Click here to browse all the decks.

All weekend tournaments together

As you can see the trend is obvious, but to end this article we will aggregate the information from all the tournaments played this weekend in one single chart:

This chart includes the following tournaments info:

  • Standard vlg.daily @ Volgo Games 
  • CML OPEN @ Black Lotus (Ostrava) 
  • Hareruya - Standard Tokai King Cup 8th 
  • MTG Hareruya - 4th generation Standerd Bancho Decisive battle in Shizuoka 
  • Star City Games Classic Atlanta
  • Mythic Championship VII Qualifier Weekend Day 2 Decklists
  • PlanesWalker Championship in Hareruya Nagoya 

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