Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is

    This site is one of the biggest Magic: the Gathering decks in the Word. Here you will find decks for all main magic formats: Standard, Modern, Legacy, Commander, and of course Vintage. Do you want to become a winner? Beat the metagame with us!
  • Are you affiliated with / linked to Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro??

    Nope, this is pure unofficial shit we are doing. We certainly even break some copyrights, but we think they tolerate what we are doing, because we don't bug them and it's free publicity.
  • Where do you get all this Decklists??

    Lots of friendly players and judges from all over the planet submit them. Thank you!! We also do a lot of footwork by ourselves.
  • How can I help??

    There are different ways You can learn more about them in our Support Us page
  • What is "Magic: The Gathering", anyway??

    It's a trading card game / collectible card game (we never figured out, what the difference is) published by Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro.
  • How can I contact you??

    Try e-mailing us: [email protected]. Please don't blackmail us.
  • What about a feature, that does...??

    Nice idea. Contact us, and we will give it a try, if it doesn't involve losing an arm.
  • This is awesome!! I want to give you all/some/a little bit of my money. Is it possible to donate??

    We just made our own Support Us page with further information about this topic.
  • There is an error with...

    Contact us (see above) or click on "Spotted an Error??" right under the decklist to report the error.
  • Why do some Decks only have (60-x) cards??

    People make mistakes. We are people, so we make mistakes, too. If you happen to find a mistake, submit the error, using the error-tool on the deckpage. Please verify first, that the source of the Deck has the correct number of cards. Else we can't do a thing. We are very bad at guessing missing cards.
  • Why are there so many different names for the same Deck??

    Magic Players are a really creative bunch. Most of the time we also name them differently, so you will find them, when searching for a certain Deck via Google or our own search. You would be surprised what terms people use, when searching for Decks.
  • Your English sucks!!

    That's what our teachers used to say, too. So you are really late.