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Hello everyone!!

I'm Angel, and I'm the developer and maintainer of As you know is a huge Magic the Gathering decks database where you can find the best decks from the best players around the world :) And of course all of them are sorted, and analyzed to give you the best info about the current metagame.

I'll love to make even better, with new sections, and more tools for everyone. But I need your help to cover all the expenses and development time needed, because my current job give me almost no time to keep up and running. Anything you can afford to keep the site running will be more than welcome. Choose your way to make a donation and keep MTGdecks as a reference source!

Thanks for your help!


Other ways to support

  • Submit Decklists - that's the easy one. If you stumble upon decklists of bigger tournaments somewhere in the deep wide web, Submit them.
  • Tell other People about us - the more people know about, the more people will submit Decklists. Nice relation. Link us in your blog, share our decks in facebook, or whatever spins your bike.