MTG decks played by Sti

Rank Name Format Archetype Date
2nd   128 Players Narset, Enlightened...
By Christian "cristina" Dammert  MTG GTC - Gran Torneo Commander - Cantuarias.
Co Narset, Enlightened Master 06-May
Top8   78 Players "Demigod ist sch... ...
By Gary Stief  MTG National Qualifier 2009 - Hamburg / Germany.
St BR Aggro 18-Apr
2nd   316 Players (7-0) Charbelcher
By Christian Valenti  MTG SCG 2011 Invitational - 6-0 or better Legacy Decks.
Le Belcher 11-Dec
2nd   45 Players (Canadian Threshold)...
By Christian Ludwig  MTG Hassloch 07/09.
Le Threshold UGr 19-Jul
Top4   13 Players [BHC] Blues Brothers
By Sebastian Pierchalla  MTG Legacy in der OT-Eigen.
Le Dredge 03-Aug
1st   13 Players [BHC]Abi! Abi! Abi!
By Sebastian Pierchalla  MTG Legacy in der OT Eigen.
Le Dredge 22-Jun
Top8   49 Players [SoS] Bring your own...
By Sebastian Stegmann  MTG Magickeller Hannover 02/2011.
Le Imperial Painter 19-Feb
1st   29 Players [SoS] Roter Sand
By Sebastian Stegmann  MTG Magickeller Hannover 18/12/2010.
Le Imperial Painter 18-Dec
Top8   20 Players *rülps*
By Christian Freiberger  MTG Legacy Mannheim V.
Le Belcher 29-Nov
Top8   31 Players #aYb.Survival Elves
By Christian Wilczek  MTG Magic in den vier Winden - 8. Spieltag.
Le Elves 08-Mar
Top8   279 Players 12 Post
By Austin Katzin  MTG SCG Legacy Open Edison.
Le Twelve-Post 10-Feb
2nd   53 Players 16-Lords-Merfolk
By Christian Ludwig  MTG Legacy Hassloch 08/10.
Le Merfolk 15-Aug
2nd   51 Players 20 Points of Burn
By Christian Ludwig  MTG Hassloch 09/09.
Le Threshold UGr 20-Sep
Top4   22 Players 4 Color control
By Christian Vittoni  MTG Lotus League Legacy´20 #1.
Le 4 Color control 09-Feb
Top8   27 Players 4 Color Counterbalan...
By Sebastián Peralta  MTG Legacy por Judge Foils 08/10.
Le Supreme Blue 14-Aug
1st   282 Players 4 Color Delver
By Sebastian Wibmer  MTG MKM Series 2019, Frankfurt - Legacy Main Event.
Le 4 Color Delver 04-Aug
Top4   67 Players 4 Color Delver
By Austin Blackner  MTG Quest for the holy Tabernacle @ MTGFirst Game Center.
Le 4 Color Delver 14-Jul
1st   24 Players 4 Color Delver
By Justin Parson  MTG Mr. Nice Guy Games - GPT Columbus.
Le Patriot 26-Mar
2nd   32 Players 4 Color Fires
By FestiFan  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Pioneer Super Qualifier #12148139.
Pi Jeskai Fires 01-May
Top4   35 Players 4 Color Humans
By Oliver Mastilero  MTG PPTQ @ Final Turn (Bacolod, Philippines).
Mo 5 Colors 01-Sep

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