Choked Estuary MTG

Shadows over Innistrad

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Shadows over Innistrad

0.02 Tixes
Choked Estuary
 As Choked Estuary enters the battlefield, you may reveal an Island or Swamp card from your hand. If you don't, Choked Estuary enters the battlefield tapped.: Add  or .

Choked Estuary price trend
Shadows over Innistrad

First Seen: 2016-Apr-09 Weekly Chng: 0% Daily Chng: 0.57%
52 Weeks Max: 1.86$ 52 Weeks Min: 1.09$ 52 Weeks Avg: 1.42$
First Seen: 2016-Apr-09 Weekly Chng: 33.33% Daily Chng: 0%
52 Weeks Max: 0.72$ 52 Weeks Min: 0.01$ 52 Weeks Avg: 0.07$

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39 Players

Yuriko, the TigerΒ΄s ...UB
By Sergey Lamzin 
MTG Commander at Biblioteka Volgograd. 10-Aug

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