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0.01 Tixes
Hallowed Moonlight
 Until end of turn, if a creature would enter the battlefield and it wasn't cast, exile it instead.Draw a card.

Hallowed Moonlight price trend
Magic Origins

First Seen: 2015-Jan-25 Weekly Chng: 2% Daily Chng: 0%
52 Weeks Max: 0.73$ 52 Weeks Min: 0.25$ 52 Weeks Avg: 0.53$
First Seen: 2015-Jan-25 Weekly Chng: 0% Daily Chng: 0%
52 Weeks Max: 0.14$ 52 Weeks Min: 0.01$ 52 Weeks Avg: 0.02$

Hallowed Moonlight Recent MTG Decks

A list of the most recent decks using Hallowed Moonlight available on MTG decks website.

Rank Name
35 Players

Azorius ControlUW
By Brandon Matthews 
MTG Star City Games Invitational Qualifier Shawnee. 03-Aug
22 Players

By Jason Edwards 
MTG Cutting Edge @ Blade Gaming (Roanoke, VA). 15-Jun

Hallowed Moonlight MTG Archetypes and average price

A list of archetypes playing Hallowed Moonlight by format in the last 90 days according to our MTG decks database.

Modern archetypes playing Hallowed Moonlight

Name Decks Price
UW Control UWb
1 $969
Burn RWg
1 $616

(Max. 10 archetypes shown)

Last update: 2019-08-21