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Stronghold Gambit
 Each player chooses a card in their hand. Then each player reveals their chosen card. The owner of each creature card revealed this way with the lowest converted mana cost puts it onto the battlefield.

Stronghold Gambit price trend

First Seen: 2010-Dec-04 Weekly Chng: 4.12% Daily Chng: 0%
52 Weeks Max: 6.45$ 52 Weeks Min: 1.99$ 52 Weeks Avg: 3.47$
First Seen: 2010-Dec-04 Weekly Chng: 4.84% Daily Chng: 3.28%
52 Weeks Max: 8.14$ 52 Weeks Min: 0.02$ 52 Weeks Avg: 1.78$

Stronghold Gambit Recent MTG Decks

A list of the most recent decks using Stronghold Gambit available on MTG decks website.

Rank Name
27 Players

B/r ReanimateBWrug
By Adam Goodwin 
MTG Summer 1K @ The Complex (Scarborough, Maine). 15-Jun
24 Players

BR ReanimatorBWgur
By Dorey Guillaume 
MTG Club Magic Normand @ Caen (France). 26-May
44 Players

By Michael Day 
MTG AZEM City Champs @ Snapcasters Gaming. 02-Jun
12 Players

BR ReanimatorBWr
By Pascal Weißmüller 
MTG NBG Legacy 2.0 (14. Turnier) @Gasthaus Heidekrug Nürnberg. 26-May
37 Players

BR ReanimatorBWur
By Rubens A M Pianezer 
MTG CLC 2019 - Quarta Etapa @ Jaragua do Sul. 19-May
32 Players

tye8fl (29th Place)BWrug
By tye8fl 
MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Legacy Challenge #11880882. 02-Jun
32 Players

tye8fl (5th Place)BWrug
By tye8fl 
MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Legacy Challenge #11870944. 19-May
1st (5-0)  
Unknow Players

Orim67 (5-0)BRuwg
By Orim67 
MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Competitive Legacy Constructed League. 11-May
51 Players

By Dorey Guillaume 
MTG Drakkar Tournament 2019 @ Caen (France). 14-Apr
22 Players

Tin FinsBRuwg
By Gianluca Barbati 
MTG H-Demia Penta 2019 #3. 28-Mar

Stronghold Gambit MTG Archetypes and average price

A list of archetypes playing Stronghold Gambit by format in the last 90 days according to our MTG decks database.

Legacy archetypes playing Stronghold Gambit

Name Decks Price
Reanimator bwurg
8 $428

(Max. 10 archetypes shown)

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