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Alara Reborn

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Veinfire Borderpost MTG Prices
Alara Reborn

0.03 Tixes
Veinfire Borderpost
 You may pay  and return a basic land you control to its owner's hand rather than pay this spell's mana cost.Veinfire Borderpost enters the battlefield tapped.: Add  or .

Veinfire Borderpost price trend
Alara Reborn

First Seen: 2010-Aug-28 Weekly Chng: 0% Daily Chng: 0%
52 Weeks Max: 0.31$ 52 Weeks Min: 0.22$ 52 Weeks Avg: 0.26$
First Seen: 2010-Aug-28 Weekly Chng: 0% Daily Chng: 0%
52 Weeks Max: 0.13$ 52 Weeks Min: 0.01$ 52 Weeks Avg: 0.04$

Veinfire Borderpost Decks

A list of the most recent MTG decks using Veinfire Borderpost available on MTG decks website.

Rank Name

Niv mizzet reborn
By Strategicus 
MTGA - Magic Arena . 18-Jan

Niv Reborn
By karasknives 
MTGA - Magic Arena . 10-Jan

Stone to Flesh
By Nombringer 
MTGA - Magic Arena . 09-Jan
8 Players

Gruul Combo
By Cabrito_Montes 
MTG BazarON Modern Mol @Bazar Gaming. 27-May

Veinfire Borderpost MTG Archetypes and average price

A list of archetypes playing Veinfire Borderpost by format in the last 90 days according to our MTG decks database.

Modern archetypes playing Veinfire Borderpost

Name Decks Price
5 Color Cascade
1 $323

(Max. 10 archetypes shown)

Veinfire Borderpost quick FAQ

How many decks ๐Ÿ”ข are playing Veinfire Borderpost?

Veinfire Borderpost has been played in more than 4 decks in the last year. Get the decklists and prices in our site โ˜๏ธ

What is ๐Ÿ“Š MTG Veinfire Borderpost current price?

The current price is:
  • Cardhoarder: ๐Ÿ“Š 0.03 tixes
  • Tcgplayer: ๐Ÿ“Š $0.3
  • Cardkingdom: ๐Ÿ“Š $0.25
Get the decklists and historic pricing charts in our site โ˜๏ธ

In which formats is Veinfire Borderpost played?

Veinfire Borderpost has not been played in any current format in the last year Get the decklists and prices our site โ˜๏ธ

Which decks in the current MTG metagame are playing Veinfire Borderpost?

The top 3 archetypes using Veinfire Borderpost are:
  • Modern 5 Color Cascade
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Last update: 2021-01-15