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26-Sep St Clearly Frame Advantage featuring MTG Arena @The Gaming Stadium
24-Sep Hi Traditional Historic Ranked Decklists: September 20, 2021
20-Sep St Traditional Standard Ranked Decklists: September 20, 2021

Other recently published tournaments

27-Sep Mo Primera Liga 502: Fecha 1 - Modern @MTG 502 Guatemala
26-Sep Co Commander @ Volgograd (RUDC)
26-Sep Pa Tropical Pauper: Finais Tropicaliente 04
26-Sep St Madman's Monthly Standard Bo3 Open @WattsVxI
26-Sep St Ligue En Melee STD Sept#8 @Lord Hebus Magic
26-Sep St Best Of 3 Cup Preliminary @Total Jank Games
26-Sep Pa Torneio de Comemoração - 1 ano de live
26-Sep St The Pizza Box Open @The Pizza Box
26-Sep Vi MTGO Vintage League
25-Sep Pr Technoliga Valenciana de Premodern (sold out)
25-Sep Le 第10回 マッサンのなんでも放送局 おうちでレガシー @マッサンのなんでも放送局 ガバ部杯
25-Sep St 山茶杯-SazanCup#3 イニストラード真夜中の狩り 環境初期戦 @Sana's Tournament
25-Sep Ar Hello Good Game - Standard Artisan Artists 18 (Common & Uncommon only!) @Hello Good Game
25-Sep Pa Pauper Masters Qualifier 2.03
25-Sep Le Paper Legacy Discord Saturday tournament - 09/25/21 @MTG Paper Legacy
25-Sep St Saturday magic @nothing but land
25-Sep St Community Turnier 3/2021 @Sol4r1s Tournament Scene
25-Sep Pe The Penny Dreadful 500 (Season 21)
25-Sep Mo 2k Event @ Advantage Games (Northglenn, CO)
25-Sep Co Duel Commander @ Le Temple du Jeu (Brest, France)
25-Sep Vi MTGO Vintage Challenge #12342304
25-Sep Mo MTGO Modern Challenge #12342275
25-Sep Pa MTGO Pauper Challenge #12342301
25-Sep Pi MTGO Pioneer Challenge #12342306
25-Sep St MTGO Standard Challenge #12342303
24-Sep Pe Penny Dreadful FNM 21.09
21-Sep Pr 22º Weekly Premodern Gauntlet - Brasil
20-Sep Mo HARERUYA - Daily Tournaments
20-Sep Mo 1º Torneio - 4ª Liga Arena Guardians @Arena Guardians Tournaments
19-Sep Le LAW 21-22 #1 - Dawn of Justice
17-Sep Pr PreModern FNM Lobstercon Invitational

More than 3346 decks and 131 tournaments published in the last 2 weeks.


Puresteel Paladin
2k Event @ Advantage Games (Northglenn, CO). MTG
By Nick Vialpando  — 1st [63 Players]
Lurrus of the Dream-Den

Selesnya Midrange
Madman's Monthly Standard Bo3 Open @WattsVxI. MTGA - Magic Arena
By Brendon Stimson  — 1st [5 Players]

UR Delver
MTGO Legacy League. MTGO - Magic Online
By YungGurt  — 1st (5-0) [ Players]

Deck do DouG°
Tropical Pauper: Finais Tropicaliente 04 . MTG
By Doug08  — 1st [8 Players]


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We have published more than 3346 decks in the last two weeks

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We have published more than 131 tournaments in the last two weeks

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