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Know the Difference: Win Condition vs. Game Plan

January 30 | by David Kaliski "El Turko"


Playing Around: 5 Actionable Tips to Win the Information Game

January 22 | by Alejandro "Jano" Sepúlveda


The Undisputable Pauper Tier 1: Mono Red Synthesizer

January 20 | by Alessandro Carvallo


How to Beat Tilt and Win More Games in Magic: The Gathering!

January 18 | by Léo "Moudou" Bartolomé


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Trending cards (in the last 7 days)

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Cards Trending Up

Haywire Mite 8.62% (in the last 7 days)
Pyrite Spellbomb 5.69% (in the last 7 days)
Shrapnel Blast 5.42% (in the last 7 days)
Orvar, the All-Form 5.4% (in the last 7 days)
Experimental Synthesizer 5.22% (in the last 7 days)

Cards Trending Down

Spell Pierce 21.92% (in the last 7 days)
Lightning Bolt 19.7% (in the last 7 days)
Steam Vents 14.92% (in the last 7 days)
Scalding Tarn 13.47% (in the last 7 days)
Unholy Heat 12.51% (in the last 7 days)
Before the price change, there is usually a play trend behind. Be ahead of the next spike following the play trend of the different cards by format.

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Recent major Tournaments

29-Jan Ex The Pizza Box Open: Explorer @The Pizza Box
29-Jan Mo RCQ @ Gamers Paradise (Baton Rouge, LA)
29-Jan Mo F2F Tour Stop Montreal 2023 – Cycle 3
29-Jan Vi MTGO Vintage Challenge #12515845
29-Jan St MTGO Standard Challenge #12515852
29-Jan Pa MTGO Pauper Challenge #12515850
29-Jan Pi MTGO Pioneer Challenge #12515848
29-Jan Mo MTGO Modern Challenge #12515847
29-Jan Le MTGO Legacy Challenge #12515849
29-Jan Mo WPNQ (RCQ) - Playtime Merate
29-Jan Mo Unbox 100k @ Upperbox (Greenhills, Philippines)
28-Jan Vi MTGO Vintage Challenge #12515841
28-Jan St MTGO Standard Challenge #12515839
28-Jan Pa MTGO Pauper Qualifier #12515832
28-Jan Pi MTGO Pioneer Challenge #12515843
28-Jan Pa MTGO Pauper Challenge #12515837
28-Jan Mo MTGO Modern Challenge #12515840
28-Jan Mo MTGO Modern Challenge 32 #12515844
28-Jan Le MTGO Legacy Challenge 32 #12515838
28-Jan Pi Champions Cup Cycle3 Store Qualifier in Yokohama] @Hareruya (Japan)
28-Jan Mo Modern LECQ @MagicBarcelona (Spain)
27-Jan Mo MTGO Modern Challenge 32 #12515835

More than 4459 decks and 331 tournaments published in the last 2 weeks.
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📇 How to build a MTG deck?

Most MTG decks have 60 mainboard cards and 15 additional ones on the sideboard. You can play up to four copies of each card, except basic lands (you can have any number of them). Are you looking for the fastest way to build a winners deck? The best way is by just copying any of the ones that we have collected on our website.

🔢 How many MTG decks have been published in the last 2 weeks?

According to our database We have tracked and published more than 4459 MTG decks in the last two weeks.

🥇 How many MTG tournaments have been published in the last 2 weeks?

We have tracked more than 331 tournaments published in the last two weeks.

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