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Recent BIG Tournaments

19-Nov St Grand Prix Portland
18-Nov St SCG Team Constructed Open Baltimore
18-Nov Le SCG Team Constructed Open Baltimore
18-Nov Mo SCG Team Constructed Open Baltimore
19-Nov Mo SCG Classic Baltimore
19-Nov Le SCG Classic Baltimore
19-Nov St SCG Classic Baltimore
19-Nov Le Geneva Legacy 10

Other recently published tournaments

22-Nov Vi MTGO Competitive Vintage Constructed League
22-Nov Co MTGO Competitive Commander Constructed League
22-Nov Le MTGO Competitive Legacy Constructed League
22-Nov Mo MTGO Competitive Modern Constructed League
22-Nov St MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League
22-Nov Pa Pauper Constructed League
21-Nov St MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League
19-Nov Co Duel commander Magic Kemper
19-Nov Le Alabama Legacy League IQ #3
19-Nov St PPTQ Idee+Spiel Hannover
19-Nov Le Amsterdam legacy bimonthly
19-Nov Mo November Titanium Challenge
19-Nov St PPTQ L'arche à jeux (Brest)
19-Nov Mo Win-a-box Iconic Carta'Jeu (Lyon, France)
18-Nov Le Legacy Showdown Aalen #1
18-Nov Le Legacy IV @ Ongkeco's Hobby Shop (Philippines)
18-Nov Mo SCG Invitational Qualifier Findlay
12-Nov St PPTQ Non Solo Fumetto Tre - Pontedera, Italy
11-Nov Co Duel Commander Libourne is Magic #2
11-Nov Le MTG Huizhou 32nd Legacy Games
11-Nov St PPTQ La Torre Del Minotauro - Roma, Italy
04-Nov Le Shanghai Legacy League-Qualification Game Nov.2017

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