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Featured mtg tournament decks

16-Jul Mo SCG Classic Cincinnati
16-Jul St SCG Open Cincinnati
15-Jul St SCG Standard Open Cincinnati
15-Jul St MTGO Standard PTQ #10757670

Other recently published tournament decks

19-Jul Co MTGO Commander Constructed League
19-Jul Le MTGO Competitive Legacy Constructed League
19-Jul Pa MTGO Pauper Constructed League
19-Jul Mo MTGO Competitive Modern Constructed League
19-Jul St MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League
19-Jul Mo PPTQ Kurousagi - Figline e Incisa Valdarno, Italy
19-Jul Mo PPTQ Games Academy - Mantova, Italy
18-Jul Vi MTGO Vintage Daily #10757702
17-Jul St 晴れる屋スタンダード杯
16-Jul Vi Knight Ware Vintage Eternal Weekend Trial
16-Jul Mo 晴れる屋モダン杯
16-Jul St 晴れる屋スタンダード杯
16-Jul St 晴れる屋スタンダード杯 - 第33回ビギワン!
16-Jul Le Legacy at Escape, Oslo - July 2017
16-Jul Mo PPTQ RIX @The Outpost
16-Jul Le Legacy Rosario Invitational 2017 #1
16-Jul Mo PPTQ Il Labirinto - Bollate, Italy
15-Jul Le 晴れる屋レガシー杯
15-Jul Mo 晴れる屋モダン杯
15-Jul St スタンダード神トライアル
15-Jul Vi Vintage Trial - RIW Hobbies
15-Jul Le MTG Huizhou 24th Legacy Games
15-Jul Mo Team Unified Modern Grinder at Four Horsemen
15-Jul Le Card Kingdom/Mox Boarding House - July 2017
09-Jul Le 『Bayou』争奪モダン 兼 九州レガシー選手権トライアル
08-Jul Co Duel Commander - Lima (Peru)

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