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Recent BIG Tournaments

14-Jul St MTGO Standard PTQ #11482816
14-Jul Mo SCG Team Open Worcester
14-Jul Le SCG Team Open Worcester
14-Jul St SCG Team Open Worcester
15-Jul Mo SCG Classic Worcester
15-Jul Le SCG Classic Worcester
14-Jul Mo 5K @ Moonbase Market, St. Louis Mo.
14-Jul Mo PPTQ Atlanta Modern Full Magic Weekend 2018
14-Jul Mo Open Series - Julio @ Magic Barcelona
15-Jul St SCG Classic Worcester

Other recently published tournaments

16-Jul St MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League
16-Jul Le LML 2k UG Masters @ UG Cardshop
15-Jul Pa MTGO Pauper Challenge #11482830
15-Jul Le MTGO Legacy Challenge #11482829
15-Jul Co Duel Commander @ Libourne (France)
15-Jul Vi MTGO Competitive Vintage Constructed League
15-Jul Co MTGO Competitive Commander Constructed League
14-Jul Mo 晴れる屋モダン杯 - 2018/7/14
14-Jul Le Let's Get Wasted! @ Prodigy Games, Florida
14-Jul Mo Eternal Series Aalen: Modern#4 @ TSG Hofherrnweiler
14-Jul Co MTGO Commander (1 v 1) Challenge #11482825

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Currently the best performing decks in Frontier are UB Control, Atarka Red. And the most played cards are , , and .

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