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Recent BIG Tournaments

16-Mar Mo Grand Prix Bilbao
16-Mar Mo Grand Prix Tampa Top 8
16-Mar Mo Star City Games Open Philadelphia
17-Mar Mo MagicFest Bilbao 2019 - Modern MCQ
17-Mar Mo Star City Games Classic Philadelphia
17-Mar Mo MTGO Modern Premier #11823860
17-Mar Le Star City Games Classic Philadelphia

Other recently published tournaments

19-Mar Mo MTGO Competitive Modern Constructed League
18-Mar St MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League
17-Mar Pa MTGO Pauper Challenge #11823870
17-Mar Le MTGO Legacy Challenge #11823869
17-Mar Le 2ΒͺEtapa Liga Mineira de Legacy @ TCGeeK (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
17-Mar Le Legacy Majors III @ Kick Engines (Philippines)
17-Mar St Trial MkM Ghent @ DarkSide Comics & Games
17-Mar Mo Open Series @ Chimera Gaming
17-Mar Le Le Bougnat Challenge #1 @ Clermont-Ferrand
16-Mar Mo MTGO Modern Challenge #11823864
16-Mar Mo Grand Prix Tampa
16-Mar Mo 18ΒΊ Mhysteria Modern @ Magic Store Brasil
16-Mar Mo Cards Store GPCircuit Stage 3 @ Campinas, Brazil
16-Mar Mo Star City Games Invitational Qualifier Toronto

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Guilds of Ravnica Draft Archetypes: Golgari Gates

by JosΓ© Cabezas | 2018-Nov-06 Articles

We are starting a new series of articles devoted to improving your magic skills. In these articles, you will find a great deal of the latest tips, tricks and strategies from the pros. Today we are going to focus on limited and draft. Would you like to know a bit more about Golgari Gates?

Learn about it with Jose Cabezas one of the currently most respected MTGO players

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