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IKORIA best performing cards over the weekend

2020 April 20 By MTG decks
The weekend is over, and after the dust has settled, everyone is wondering what are the new metagame staples that they must have in their collection. Today we analyze which new Ikoria cards are shaping Standard. If you find this kind of articles useful ...
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Building an Effective Combo Deck

2020 February 19 By Adam Alexander Croke
Building a deck is not an easy task given how many great combinations exist today. Building a resilient, efficient and reliable combo deck is trickier. This article will guide you through an example of how to build one
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The Hidden Gems in Theros Standard

2020 January 29 By MTG Decks
Theros is here! The new cards are shaping the Standard Metagame, and we will try to find what are the new treasures that you must have in your collection.
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A year in review: the 2019 most played cards in MTG Standard

2020 January 01 By Angel Sevilla
Would you like to see how the bans changed Standard along the year? Discover how Oko and their friends changed everything and how each set release shaped Standard in a new way.
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Ban, Ban, Ban! What decks can you play now in Standard?

2019 November 19 By MTGdecks
After banning field of the dead Oko was in the spotlight, and this monday the ban hammer took care of it! This article will help you to find what you can play now in Standard after the dust settles.
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The MTG Standard Metagame after the Mythic Championship VII Qualifier

2019 October 28 By MTG Decks
Mythic Championship VII Qualifier's first day has ended with over 2000 players facing the Oko takeover of the Standard format, but the problem is everywhere... Starcitygames Standard Classic faced the same results, and Hareruya Standard Tournaments are ...
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Oko is taking Vintage! Maybe the real problem wasn't field of the dead?

2019 October 22 By MTG Decks
New Hotness: Oko plus Oath of Druids won the Vintage Playoff this weekend.
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The Hidden Gems in Mythics Championship V

2019 October 15 By MTG Decks
As you may have noticed Mythic Championship V has been a success for blue and green strategies, but a few players found a way to avoid those colors in their quest to beat the Throne of Eldraine Standard metagame.
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MTG Throne of Eldraine Standard new cards performance

2019 October 02 By MTG Decks
This week we wonder about the performance of the new set, and analyze which are the cards that are being played in the new Throne of Eldraine Standard. if you find this kind of articles useful please let us know in the comments.
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Guilds of Ravnica Draft Archetypes: Golgari Gates

2018 November 06 By José Cabezas

We are starting a new series of articles devoted to improving your magic skills. In these articles, you will find a great deal of the latest tips, tricks and strategies from the pros. Today we are going to focus on limited and draft. Would you like t...
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MTGpulse restoration

2017 July 20 By MTG DECKS
Are you wondering what happened to We will try to give you an answer to why it is now redirecting to
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