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Hardened Scales In-depth & sideboard guide

24 June 2022. By Joan Carraco (MrSeri)
In this article MrSeri, one of the best Hardened Scales players, will give us an in-depth guide of this archetype a its secrets. And of course, if you want event more, just check his Twitch stream and Youtube channel ;).
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Ragavan and three other cards banned in Duel Commander

02 June 2022. By MTG Decks Team
The most recent announcement bans four MTG cards from Duel Commander, the competitive Commander format.
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How to become a better tournament player

05 April 2022. By DreamsOfAshiok
Paper Magic is back, and getting ready for the tournaments is also a key part to becoming a successful player. This article is meant as a reminder/tool for newer players entering their first paper event in a while.
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The PRO Tour is back!

31 March 2022. By Angel Sevilla
After a long hiatus, Wizards of the Coast has announced a new Premier Play System with Tabletop Pro Tours, World Championship and many more ;)
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Legacy Delver decks: In-depth and Sideboard Guide

07 March 2022. By Pablo Carrasco
This time, we have an amazing post about Blue-based Delver decks in Legacy, including a comprehensive sideboard guide, and numerous tips and tricks now that Ravagan is gone. Learn what is next in the deck from the Eternal Weekend 2020 Tolarian Academy C...
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Wizards bans Lurrus and shakes up Pauper by banning more cards

07 March 2022. By MTG Decks Team
After seeing that Lurrus is nearly-everywhere, Wizards struck back with a new set of bans across formats.
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MTG Secret Lair x Street Fighter Leaked

16 February 2022. By MTG Decks Team
It looks as if they were leaked by mistake on Twitter by the user @kxduo84. He took them down a few minutes later, but it was too late.
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Challenger Decks 2022 Decklists

10 February 2022. By MTG Decks Team
Wizards has just announced the four new Standard Challenger decks that will be released in April: Mono-White Aggro, Dimir Control, Gruul Stompy, and Rakdos Vampire.
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Amulet Titan In-depth & Sideboard guide

08 February 2022. By Marc Pérez
This week, we bring you a new in-depth guide about one of the most popular archetypes in the current Modern metagame. Marc Pérez, who took first place in one of the latest Modern Challenges with it, gives us his best tips and tricks to play the deck.
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A in-depth guide to Karn Glimpse in Modern

25 January 2022. By Xenowan
This week, we have an awesome article from Xenowan, the winner of the last week Modern Challenge with his latest brew: Karn Glimpse! In this article, he will show us the best way to play the deck, including his sideboard guide, and a few tips and tricks...
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A year in review: the 2021 most played cards in MTG Standard

02 January 2022. By Angel Sevilla
Take a look at how Standard evolved along this year and how the metagame shifted with each set release during the last year.
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MTG Las Vegas Top 8 Decklists: Infect making it to the top?

22 November 2021. By Angel Sevilla
With a $25000 price pool and more than 1400 players this tournament will set the Modern Metagame. Discover the top 8 decks and get ready to beat them ;).
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Top 50 most played cards from Innistrad Midnight Hunt in Standard

22 September 2021. By Angel Sevilla
The weekend is over, and after the dust has settled, everyone is wondering what are the new metagame staples that they must have in their collection. Today we analyze which new cards from Innistrad are shaping Standard.
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What are the new Historic staples after the Strixhaven release?

19 April 2021. By Angel Sevilla
With the release of Strixhaven, a ton of new cards just arrived in Historic. This week, we will take a look at the most played cards over the weekend to get an overview of what are the new Strixhaven staples.
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16 Cards banned: The banhammer strikes again

15 February 2021. By MTG Decks Team
On an unprecedented day, Wizards banned a total of 16 cards across formats and also made a few rules changes.
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How I got a 83% Winrate with Selesnya Company in Historic

30 January 2021. By Baran
Recently I picked up the Selesnya CoCo deck. After playing it for some time my score ended up being 40-8 (83% WR) and catapulting me to #4 Mythic. Read how I did it and my complete sideboard guide.
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A year in review: the 2020 most played cards in MTG Standard

02 January 2021. By Angel Sevilla
Would you like to see how the bans changed Standard along the year? Discover how each time the metagame shifted along the year. Can you guess who is the ultimate survivor?
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