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Temur Persist Creativity Primer: A.k.a. Rugby Creativity

01 June 2023. By Léo "Moudou" Bartolomé
In this article, Moudou shows us his latest Creativity brew, which he has been using to achieve an 80% winrate. Learn the secrets behind its key card, Strike it Rich, and how it fits into the current meta. Full sideboard guide included!
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Vintage Prison Shops Guide: Tip, Tricks & How to Sideboard

31 May 2023. By Mogged
Discover the best tips from Mogged on playing his Vintage pet deck: Prison Shops. Get the exact list he used to end 2nd in the latest MTGO Challenge, including a comprehensive sideboard guide vs the current meta.
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Fine tuning Mono-green in Pioneer: In-depth & Sideboard guide

29 May 2023. By Remi Fortier
In this article, Remi shows us how to fine-tune Mono-Green Devotion against the current meta, including a complete walkthrough of each matchup and how to sideboard vs each one.
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Standard Bans Ahead: Which Decks Will Emerge?

26 May 2023. By Lucas Giggs
Which decks will take the top tiers in a Standard without Fable? Which other cards might be banned in this Monday's bans? In this article Lucas shares his opinion about what is to come in this new Standard.
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9th in the Pro Tour with Grixis Midrange

24 May 2023. By Mogged
This week, Mogged shares his Pro Tour experience, what he learned, and his team's conclusions about the current Standard and Limited formats. You'll also find a quick sideboard guide if you want to play his Grixis build until everything changes in Stand...
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Pioneer Mono-white Ward Humans Deck & Sideboard Guide

22 May 2023. By Lucas Giggs
With the new cards from MoM Aftermath, Mono-white humans have found the missing pieces to shine in the current Pioneer metagame. In this guide, Lucas shows us his latest version of the deck that he has been using with great success on the MTGO ladders.
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The Art of Sideboarding by Remi Fortier

21 May 2023. By Remi Fortier
In this article, Remi shows us how to think about sideboarding the right way. Learn the first principles to know which cards you should be playing in each matchup and how to use them to avoid and reach the "Inevitability".
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Pauper Mono-blue Faeries Deck & Sideboard Guide

15 May 2023. By Mogged
Mogged is back from the Pro Tour with a new deck guide that includes one of his favorite pauper cards: Spellstutter Sprite. Get his best tips and tricks, along with a complete sideboard guide, to play Mono-Blue Faeries like a pro ;).
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Pauper Monored 8-Reck - Deck & Sideboard Guide

12 May 2023. By Lucas Giggs
Discover the new red deck that is taking the top spots in MTGO Challenges: Mono-red 8 Reck. In this article, Lucas gives us a complete deck and a sideboard guide against the current Pauper meta with this new build.
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Pioneer 5 Color Atraxa: Primer & Sideboard Guide

09 May 2023. By DreamsOfAshiok
In this article, DreamsOfAshiok unveils the secrets behind his updated 5-Color Atraxa deck. Get ready to discover his card choices a complete sideboard guide and level-up your game versus the current meta.
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Winning the Manatrader Series: A Deep Dive into Pioneer Rakdos Midrange

07 May 2023. By Remi Fortier
In this article, Remi Fortier, former Pro Tour champion, unveils his latest guide for Rakdos Midrange after his victory at the Manatraders Series. Explorer his card choices, sideboard guide, and a comprehensive matchup guide to level up your game.
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Modern 5C Creativity Primer & Sideboard Guide

04 May 2023. By Sebastian Pozzo
In this article, Sebastian Pozzo shows us how to play his current favorite Modern deck: 5-Color Creativity. With multiple MTGO top 8 finishes under his belt, he presents his latest version along with his best tips and tricks to get the most out of it in...
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Legacy Reanimator Primer by the Arcanis Super Legacy Finalist

30 April 2023. By Nicolás Leiva Medina
Discover how to play the Legacy Reanimator deck that reached the finals in the latest Arcanis Infinity event, facing off against more than 119 competitors. In this article, Nico guides us step-by-step on how to pilot the deck, including the complete sid...
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What is New in Standard with March of the Machine?

29 April 2023. By Lucas Giggs
This week, Lucas delves into the outcomes of the latest two Standard Challenges and identifies the key decks and cards to watch out for in the upcoming PRO-TOUR featuring March of the Machine.
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The Rogue Corner: Jund Persist Primer

28 April 2023. By Léo "Moudou" Bartolomé
For those who enjoy playing unconventional decks with the potential to succeed in the right metagame, this week Moudou brings us a fascinating choice: Jund Persist. This deck aims to fully exploit cards like Bitter Reunion and Invasion of Ergamon.
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The Impact of March of the Machine on Standard: More than 1467 Decks Analyzed

25 April 2023. By Angel Sevilla
In this article, Angel delves into the effects of MOM cards on Standard, focusing on the cards from the new set that are played within each archetype. Get a quick overview of the cards you need to update your decks for the new Standard Meta.
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Second Box Leak Unveils More Cards from March of the Machine: The Aftermath

21 April 2023. By MTG Decks Team
A new video reveals even more cards from the highly anticipated March of the Machine: The Aftermath collection.
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March of the Machine Limited: First Impressions & Analysis By Color

21 April 2023. By Lucas Giggs
In this article Lucas gives us his insights about March of the Machine Limited, with an analysis of the different color combinations, best commons and key abilities for your sealed and draft events.
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75% Of March of the Machine Aftermath Leaked

20 April 2023. By MTG Decks Team
Massive Leak Exposes 75% of March of the Machine's Highly-Anticipated Aftermath: Discover the 36 Cards Unveiled.
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March of the Machine Sealed Quick Guide

14 April 2023. By Jaime Lara - JimmyTo
The March of the Machine pre-release is here! Are you ready to build your limited deck this weekend? In this article, Jaime gives us a quick introduction to the format and the key cards for each color.
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