Sram, Senior Edificer Commander

We have collected the top Sram, Senior Edificer Commander decks from the latest tournaments. The current price average is around 380$.

Sram, Senior Edificer Commander decklists

Rank Name Date
2nd   8 Players Sram, Senior Edifice...
By Camil Ben Temam  MTG Event Cockatrice #5 @ France.
2nd   11 Players Sram, Senior Edifice...
By Duelcastermage  MTG DCM Aug 2019.
Top8   87 Players Sram
By Nicolas Amans  MTG Zaps @ Palaiseau.
Top8   109 Players Sram, Senior Edifice...
By Nicolas "didibo" Amans  MTG Tournoi des Zaps.
Top4 (4-2)   32 Players Mono White - Weenie
By Carlos_Silva  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Commander Challenge #10636042.

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