Top Red Deck Wins Decks.

We have collected the top Red Deck Wins Frontier decks from the latest tournaments. (Red Deck Wins is also known as Mono Red, RDW ). It current price is around 149$.

Frontier Red Deck Wins decklists

Rank Name Date
2nd   72 Players Mono Red
By Takahashi Jun  MTG 第10期フロンティア神挑戦者決定戦 - Top8....
Top16   72 Players Mono Red
By Takahashi Masayuki  MTG 第10期フロンティア神挑戦者決定戦 - Top16....
Top8   87 Players Mono Red
By Tsuchiya Mihoko  MTG 第9期フロンティア神挑戦者決定戦 - Top8....
Top8   29 Players Mono Red
By Shimizu Kazutoshi  MTG フロンティア神トライアル....
1st   7 Players RDW
By dschidi  MTG Magic-League Frontier Trial.

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