MTG Highlander decklists

All the current highlander decklist from our database sorted by archetype, event, player and colors.

Rank Name Archetype Date
1st   11 Lands
By Yanis B  MTG Alte Kaserne Wintert....
4 Colors 22-Mar
Top4   11 UB Reanimator
By Heithem B  MTG Alte Kaserne Wintert....
5c Reanimator 22-Mar
Top4   11 Medium Goblins
By Pascal E  MTG Alte Kaserne Wintert....
Mono Red 22-Mar
Top8   11 Blue Moon
By Tim L  MTG Alte Kaserne Wintert....
UR - Izzet 22-Mar
Top8   11 Jeskai Midrange
By Michael J  MTG Alte Kaserne Wintert....
UWR - Jeskai - American 22-Mar
Top8   11 Sultai Midrange
By Matthias N  MTG Alte Kaserne Wintert....
BUG - Sultai 22-Mar
Top16   11 Big UW
By Philipp M  MTG Alte Kaserne Wintert....
UW - Azorius 22-Mar
Top16   11 No-Red Blink
By Jonas W  MTG Alte Kaserne Wintert....
4 Colors 22-Mar
1st   12 UW Midrange
By Jonny A.  MTG Berlin FNM.
UW - Azorius 15-Mar
Top4   12 Gwb Ramp
By Hendrik S.  MTG Berlin FNM.
Mono Green 15-Mar
1st   17 Artifact Combo
By Matthias H.  MTG Highlander SpielRaum....
5 Colors 03-Mar
2nd   17 BW Midrange
By Patrick P.  MTG Highlander SpielRaum....
BW - Orzhov 03-Mar
Top4   17 RDW
By Justin S.  MTG Highlander SpielRaum....
Mono Red 03-Mar
Top4   17 Jund Aggro
By Paul B.  MTG Highlander SpielRaum....
GBR - Jund 03-Mar
Top8   17 Reanimator
By Dalibor S.  MTG Highlander SpielRaum....
5c Reanimator 03-Mar
Top8   17 Bant Midrange
By Moritz R.  MTG Highlander SpielRaum....
UGW - Bant 03-Mar
1st   27 UW Tempo
By Erik F.  MTG Cloudpost HL Cup 201....
UW - Azorius 02-Mar
2nd   27 Bant Midrange
By Michal H.  MTG Cloudpost HL Cup 201....
UGW - Bant 02-Mar
Top4   27 Izzet Control
By Lukas B.  MTG Cloudpost HL Cup 201....
UR - Izzet 02-Mar
Top4   27 Scapeshift
By Jakub T.  MTG Cloudpost HL Cup 201....
Scapeshift Combo 02-Mar

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